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The DDP YOGA system would be great if it was simply a workout and eating plan, but it is so much more than that. 

How in the world did I end up at 42 years old weighing 270 lbs. at a shade less than 6 feet tall?  How did a former Junior Olympian (swimming) and Army officer who trained as a triathlete go from that to this?  As you look at all the decisions that led to the weight gain, it is actually easy to see. 


First, there are the eating habits.  As a competitive swimmer, you can pretty much eat what you want and not worry about the consequences.  As I aged into being less active my choices didn’t change much.  I ate mostly the wrong foods and I ate WAY too much of them.  Too few vegetables, too many starchy carbs and sugary drinks-it’s a pretty simple formula.


Second, there was the diminished activity.  All the injuries incurred while competing and training while younger start adding up.  Add that to getting married, having a family and the demands of a job and you simply run out of time and motivation to work out as you once did.  The promise of, “I’ll work out tomorrow,” becomes easier to make and even easier to break.  Simply put, I was letting life happen to me instead of making my life.  Or, in other words, I had to Own My Life!  80 lbs. later and I can say that I have done just that. 


Beyond just the weight loss is the freedom of movement that is hard to describe.  For starters is the greatly diminished pain.  Anyone who has experienced daily, nearly-debilitating pain will appreciate that so much.  There were days in the past where I literally had to crawl to the shower so that I could sit there and let the water warm my body just to be able to stand up.  When the pain starts going away, the new core strength comes into play making your balance better and movement easier.  You simply are better at everything you do because you are stronger in a very deep sense.  Also, the eating plan helps reduce chronic inflammation, adding to the experience of freedom that DDP YOGA creates. 


Dallas demonstrates his true mastery in helping you change your attitude.  He gets that it isn’t just the workout or eating plan that make the difference.  They are the tools (simple but powerful tools) to get you where you want to go.  The key is what is happening between your ears.  He takes the time to teach you, in a simple and straight-forward way, how to change the way you think which in turns changes the way you act.  He shows you how to Own Your Life!


The DDP YOGA system would be great if it was simply a workout and eating plan, but it is so much more than that.  It also teaches you how to choose your beliefs and, in, gives a community of support unlike any place else.   If you have reached that point in your life where you want to do what works in an environment of unconditional support, then DDP YOGA is the choice for you.



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