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I was scrolling through social media one night and saw it.  I was a huge DDP fan growing up and saw how his new yoga system was changing lives.
I felt very down on myself and I hadn't been active in so long that I felt like I was beyond help and certainly out of control.  I remember watching the infomercial and thinking to myself "I need to do something before I die."  So I started DDP Yoga and the first thing I remember is realizing that Fitness is a Journey not a race.  That it was ok to do my best and even if my best was holding a pose for 5 seconds that was enough as long as it was my best effort.  DDP was so motivating and I also quickly realized that my SELF TALK was so bad that i had to change how I saw myself and take pride in getting through every workout.  Eventually I began to lose weight and become more motivated to start living an active life again.  Then I started lifting weights and then jogging, and then I found Mixed Martial Arts again; something from my youth that I thought I was never going to be able to do again.  A little more than a year later I became the general manager of Chillicothe Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (Fitness Center), and also stepped back into the cage for the first time in 7 years winning my comeback fight after 3 rounds!
This has been such an incredible journey that is building every day and it started in my living room on a yoga mat with one of my favorite childhood heroes!  Thank You DDP for changing my life and the lives or others I am motivating and changing today!
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