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Bob Fridley

Name: Bob Fridley

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Starting Pain Rating: 8-10

Health Conditions:
Multiple Sclerosis, muscle weakness, spasms, fatigue, trouble walking, high blood pressure

Started DDPY:
January 2017

Done DDPY For: 8 months

Increased flexibility, increased endurance, lowered blood pressure

My name is Bob Fridley. I have been dealing with a condition called Multiple Sclerosis for 35 years but I was not diagnosed until 1999. MS is a nerve system disorder that causes a host of problems; muscle weakness, spasms, deep down to the bone pain, trouble walking, vision and hearing loss, memory loss, legs falling asleep and fatigue that borders on exhaustion. No matter how much sleep you get, you just don't feel rested. Many people that are reading this either know what I am talking about first hand or they know someone that has MS. DDP YOGA is not a cure for MS but I want to share what it has done for me.

Two years ago, August 2015, I had to retire from a 30 year meat cutting career. In June, my legs stopped carrying my weight. I could work for 20 minutes and then had to sit for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes. The pain was incredible. On a scale of 1-10 it was always 8-10. For months I could barely walk from kitchen to living room. This is called an exacerbation. Mine lasted until December of that year. Nearly 7 months. It seemed like it was never going to end.

I was laying on my couch checking out FB one day when a friend from Maryland sent me a video of Arthur Boorman doing DDP YOGA. I started to check out other videos and doing research. It seemed really good. I found a beginner workout on YouTube and I tried it. I started to feel better. I was stretching out. My spasms decreased. I got the program from DDP YOGA and used it daily from February to June. In June, I moved cross country and stopped doing DDP YOGA. Life got in the way.

By December I was back up to nearly 200 pounds, blood pressure was high, leg spasms were back, my pain was high up the scale again to around 8.


January 1, 2017 was day 1 of the program, and I mean THE program. All people with MS have two things in common. One, we all have muscle weakness and loss of flexibility and two, we all need an eating plan.

DDP YOGA has given me back flexibility I have not had since I did martial arts in the early 80's. Strength has returned. I do 100 push ups a day (in 40 minutes) 4-6 days a week. Just this last weekend I was able to go on a 4 mile hike at Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hill's Ohio with the family. I am able to golf again. Do I still have bad days? Yes. But, this program has put me back on my feet.

The second part was getting on the DDP YOGA Nutrition Plan. I cut out dairy and gluten. But, I eat more food now than I ever did before. Now I eat real food. Clean food. If you have MS and you haven't looked into the research on your diet, check out the research done by Dr Teri Wahls. The diets that she suggests and DDP suggests are the same and they work. My blood pressure is back to normal and I have dropped down to 175 lbs in eight months.

I want to thank DDP for helping so many of us. I can honestly say that this program has become my lifestyle and the vehicle which I can get my life back!!

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