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Charles Lyon

Name: Charles Lyon

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Starting Weight: 250 lbs

Age: 46

Goal Weight: 200 lbs

Health Conditions:
PTSD, right and left rotator cuff tear, right bicep tear

Started DDPY:
May 2017

Done DDPY For:
6 months

Weight Lost:
42 lbs

Reduced PTSD symptoms, lost weight, improved golf game

Retired Naval Officer 20 years of active duty service
(While enlisted I was a IT then commissioned as a RN (Navy Nurse) the rest of my career)

Transitioning from active duty to civilian life was difficult until I discovered DDP’s documentary - Positively Living. As corny as it sounds, it was the impetus for my transformation. If DDP’s story doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what to tell you. Except maybe watch it again and pay attention. DDP could have ended up with substance abuse/addiction issues but he chose a different more positive path, thankfully.

I had gained a lot of weight in the last few years before my retirement. I was as heavy as 270 lbs, but when I saw the documentary I was 250 lbs. I’m now 210lbs and the weight at this point is barely on my radar. I’ve found that it’s hard to be overweight if you are eating clean - well I eat mostly clean. I indulge too often still. I’m a work in progress.

The weight was part of a bigger problem. I had been suffering from PTSD for many years. I was prescribed just about every drug big pharma could throw at me. Nothing worked. I went to individual, as well as group therapy to address my symptoms which included pretty heavy drinking to get numb. There always seemed to be a Vietnam Vet in the group classes which was not a promising sign that treatment was effective. Eight years of mainstream modalities with little to no progress. Then boom, DDP’s documentary “Living Positively” kept showing up in the first few slots on my Amazon video account. Weird right? That’s what I thought at first but I’ve come to believe in the universe, there are no accidents or mistakes. I had never watched wrestling in my entire life and was clueless about not only DDP’s career but of all the other amazing success stories of the other professional wrestlers. If I could go back in time it would be to the early 80’s when the Von Erich family was HUGE in South Texas where I grew up and I would have started watching wrestling.

Long story short, because of paying attention to all the great advice in his documentary and doing DDP YOGA, I’m now thriving instead of just surviving. I’ve decided to chase my life dream to play professional golf when I turn 50 on the PGA Champions Tour. I played on the All Navy Golf Team for many years while on active duty and attempted professional golf right out of college but failed. I’ve been told what I’m doing is impossible. I’ve heard nobody has ever made it to the Champions Tour after a 20-year military career. I don’t listen to those people anymore. I’m 46 now and the clock is ticking. I have a lot of work to do to prepare physically and mentally and I’m looking forward to that journey. I retired in San Diego last year but recently moved back home to San Antonio just to link up with David Ogrin (PGA Tour winner and now my coach). Yes, I left “America’s Finest City” for the South Texas hot summers and chilly winters. I’m only 4 months into my journey to play professional golf but the progress is noticeable on and off the golf course.

For anyone suffering from PTSD, DDP YOGA will absolutely be beneficial. And if you’re ready to make some changes, DDPY will be transformational. I was also never really spiritual but once I started getting momentum I developed a need for a deeper understanding of life. I’ve been to Buddhism centers and started drinking Ayahuasca during a recent 6 day retreat (Plant medicine from the Amazon). I hope to share my Ayahuasca story in more detail at a later time. It’s not for the faint of heart I’ll tell you that much but it’s something I believe 100% that everyone should have the opportunity to do it at least once.

In America, there are 20 veterans who commit suicide every day. When I started this journey, I was just trying not to be one of those 20. 

Diamond Dallas Page and DDPY have facilitated my quick turnaround (did I mention I spent 8 years in traditional treatments?) and I can’t thank him and his team enough.


If you are a US Veteran or know a US Veteran who is struggling, please reach out to the National Veteran Crisis Line. 


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