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Brandon Adams

Rewind back like almost 6 months ago.. I was so ashamed of myself, so uncomfortable in my own skin. I was 290 pounds and i was in a relationship with an extremely beautiful girl.. problem was she cheated a lot and I felt like I was not good enough for anyone. I felt so alone due to working a 3rd shift job at the time and all I did in my free time was listen to "Talk is Jericho" and I always heard the adverts for DDP Yoga. I never thought much of it. I was suicidal and alone... I hated the man in the mirror and then one day stepped on the scale and seen that I weighed the heaviest I ever had been. I got fired from my job and with my last paycheck I said screw it and put almost the last of my money into a 3 month DDP Yoga subscription. I fell in love immediately. I wasn't alone anymore, I felt like Dallas was one of my best friends. The weight just kept coming off. I did the workouts every day from the start! I ate so clean and never had a cheat day. I took control of my life with the help of Dallas. I can never repay him. I weighed 290 and now I weigh 190. I have my old friends back and I'm literally the HAPPIEST I've ever been in my whole life. I lost nearly 100 pounds in 4 months. I had been fat my whole life and now my confidence is higher than ever (some may say too high). I hope you read this. I just want Dallas to know how much he changed my life for the better. Like I said I will never ever be able to repay him... thank you all at DDP Yoga so much. I've never met any of you but I consider you all friends. 100 lbs gone and my goal was smashed. I had dreamed of being skinny my whole life and now for the first time ever my bmi is normal. Thank you thank you thank you... that's all I can really say.

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