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David Karshner

I bought DDP yoga a while back don't remember the exact date but me being my own worst enemy it went on the shelf, bad move.  About 8 months ago I was filming the movie Believe and saw what I actually looked like and just couldn't do that me anymore. So I needed a low impact jump start to get me in the right direction so I started DDP's amazing yoga program and I cut out processed foods for the most part and drink huge amounts of water from my filtered home very rarely drinking bottled water. My energy is way up, my flexibility is up, my muscle is increasing all while the clothes sizes are going down. I've been a big guy for long enough my minor league days of football are over but my health and healthy lifestyle is here for good. I've still got a way to go to get to my 225 proud goal but the 47 pounds I'm down have me feeling amazed by what this DDP yoga can do. Thank you Dallas I never knew seeing Arthur's promotional video on Facebook could change my life so much.  I look forward to doing more and maybe see you one day and thank you in person.

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