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I never truly felt I was in control of my life until now.


My journey started 13 month ago on March 25 2011. I have always had been athletic since high school. I did everything from Football to Gymnastics to Baseball and all the while I struggled with Bronchial Asthma, I had to use an inhaler daily and a nebulizer before bed. 

My senior year me and my brother were horsing around and I ended up fracturing two of my lower vertebrate. That’s when I had to stop all sports and my rehab started.  My dream since a child to be a Pro Wrestler / athlete was now silently swept under the rug; I thought there was no way I could ever compete at their level with the constant pain I was in. It took most of my senior year to get back into shape, thank god for being young and healing fast! I still had plenty of pain but it was tolerable.

After graduating 1997 I was lost as most young men and women are after graduation. I knew college was not my thing so I did what most guys do when lost, I joined the US Marines. I don’t have to tell you that getting through the psychical tests they run on you before being accepted was a task in its own for a 100% healthy man or woman. I hid the fact I had fractured my back and also hid the fact I had asthma. Both are immediate disqualifications from enlistment, and I also could also have faced jail time for falsifying Government Docs, but it was a risk I had to take to get out of my neighborhood. I excelled in the Marines all the while hiding my asthma and back pain. Fast forward to year 2000 just over 3 years in the Core I was on a night Navigation Course training Marines fresh out of Boot camp when I fell off a cliff about 35 feet. If it wasn’t for the tree I bounced off of while falling things could have been allot worse but I ended up tearing my left shoulder up pretty good, re injured those fractured vertebra and also jacked both of my knees up, luckily none of which required surgery, but left me in massive and constant pain. While I was in the hospital on many painkillers I had a Massive Asthma attack. It was a reaction to the meds. “Oh no my cover was official blown.” The Doctors had received my civilian medical records shortly after and found out that I had asthma my whole life and that I also had 2 fractured vertebra before enlisting. “That’s it” I thought “I’m done I’m going to the Brigg for sure”. Luckily the Doc that was tending to me was a very cool and understanding Bostonian from my neck of the woods and rather than reporting me he commended me and agreed to keep it quiet. I had enlisted as what we call a lifer, 20 years promised service to the Core. My Doc said he would not bring up the fractured Vertebra and he would say that while I was in the Core I had grown into having asthma in his report, but I had to agree to a Medical Discharge. So needless to say he saved me from going to the Brigg. If you’re reading this Thank you Capt. Davis. I ended up getting an honorable discharge under medical conditions, but my life I worked so hard for was taken away from me in a blink of an eye. I went home, fell into a deep depression not knowing what I was going to do. I had no college education and was psychically beat down. I had given up all together. I woke every day in pain and went to my mediocre job. I just went through the motions of life. This went or for some time, until I met the soon to be Mother of my child. We were together for 5 years and had a beautiful baby girl, Hi Amara.


I was at this time around 208 lbs. round as ever, eating  whatever and whenever and suffering from depression and mood swings. I was diagnosed as Bipolar and had anger issues like you wouldn’t believe, there wasn’t a wall that could take my punch or a fight I wasn’t willing to get into. Needless to say this ruined my family life; we separated in 2005. During this time I had done every kind of workout there was except YOGA. “Ha! Me do yoga? You’re FN nuts!”  Like the old DDP said I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Yoga. Everything I tried got me some results at first but then I would stop. I just couldn’t stick with anything and I ended up gaining all the weight right back within a few months, talk about a vicious cycle. I was constantly sick had no energy or drive. To top it all off while I was going to the gym and doing all of these so called miracle workouts I was only further hurting my body. My shoulder still had constant pain and over time my knees got even worse. It wasn’t until a family member knowing what a wrestling fan I am he gave me the DDP YOGA program and you know what it did? It sat right on my shelf next to the other 6 DVDs I had tried and failed at. It wasn’t until March of 2011 that my little girl asked me how come I don’t have muscles like her Step father. Wow, what?? I couldn’t believe what I just herd but that was exactly the Motivation I needed to make a change. Thank you Amara! So I started looking for my DVD’s thinking I was just going to start up again with the P90 but I saw the DDP YOGA DVDs with Dallas on the cover like he was reaching out to me, plastic still on them. I said “what the hell do I have to loose?” I tried all the others and nothing stuck, I always felt like I was in competition with them and trying to keep up with these people in the other DVDs that were clearly already in outstanding shape and looked like frikin models. Within 6 months of doing the program and following DDP on twitter and watching his YouTube videos in amazement, I was able to drop 44 lbs. I now weighed what I did in the Marines 161lbs. I was even lighter than I was in High School and this was just from the workout. I wasn’t even following DDP’s food plan nor was I utilizing the best fn support team in the world 

Wouldn’t you know it, my back pain had almost completely disappeared, My knee pain was COMPLETELY gone, Yes COMPLETELY GONE and my shoulder never felt better. Remember my Asthma? Yea cause I almost forgot about that too, after using the program for about 4 months and learning how to breathe through my diaphragm , I strengthen not only my whole body but also my lungs and increased my lung capacity by 30%. I no longer use my steroid inhaler, nor do I use my Nebulizer, EVER. Now don’t get me wrong I still struggle a bit but never to the point where I need to use either of them, and I couldn’t tell you when my last Asthma attack was. 

Back to the food plan that I didn’t need to follow because I still though I knew it all, Man was I wrong. For the last 7 months I have been following the Diet plan to the T, IE I went Gluten free, dairy free and was eating quality organic foods, just that alone gave me so much more energy and focus and wouldn’t you know it, guess who has a 6 pack, this GUY! No more Keg jokes for me. I have never been as defined or as strong or Flexible as I am today at 32 years old. I only wish I started the food plan at the beginning, I would look even better now.  I no longer have anger issues, my so called Bipolar I was diagnosed with GONE, no more emotional ups and downs, I’m more focused than ever, I’m faster and did I mention STRONGER than ever.  I’m also pursuing my lifelong dream to be a professional Wrestler at 32 years old, crazy, maybe but we will see. DDP YOGA has completely changed my life, SAVED is more like it. Words can’t even describe what DDP YOGA has done for me, but a picture is worth a thousand words. I never truly felt I was in control of my life until now. Now I’m the one in the Driver’s seat and I’ll never allow myself to be a passenger again. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you Dallas for giving me a new lease on life and helping me pursue my DREAM and making me believe again that anything is POSSIBLE if you truly set your mind to it.

Thank you,


Chris The Boston Bad Boy Garbarino 

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