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Jim Gallagher

My weight was over 300 pounds.   My junk food diet shot my blood sugar to more than triple the normal rate.  Other than the steps I was taking to get to the refrigerator, exercise was non-existent.   Ironically, I thought I was happy.  I truly believed my destiny was to be heavy.  Nothing beat sitting down for a massive meal and stuffing yourself to the point of feeling like you can’t even function.  Appetizer, main course, dessert, soda.  Usually the feast would include multiple helpings of each.  That was the norm. 

The norm until I saw a picture of myself as a groomsman on my sister’s wedding day.  At first, I didn’t even recognize myself.  I went from being a multi-sport athlete in high school to what I saw in that picture.  I knew I needed  a change.  But how?  Enter Diamond Dallas Page.  My whole life I was a huge wrestling fan and of course was very familiar with DDP.   I was also getting more familiar with DDPY as I followed the story on how it changed the lives of Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.  From there, I watched more online videos and was amazed by the stories of so many others.   I was sold.

I started doing the DDPY in January 2016.  New year, new me.  Of course, I was modifying a lot of the moves in the beginning and even fell over on more than one occasion.  But then I began to see the progress.   Slowly but surely, modifications weren’t needed so much anymore.  What a feeling that was!  It became more effortless to transition from one move to the next.  And because the schedule is so perfectly paced, the move up the ladder from Energy to Double Black Diamond never felt too overwhelming.  Couple that with following the well-designed meal plan and six months later…..I lost 120 pounds.  I haven’t felt this good since those days as a multi-sport athlete in high school.  I’m now kickboxing, hiking, and enjoying a whole new world I didn’t know even existed.  My co-workers and I are doing DDPY during breaks instead of shoveling in junk food.  My wife is also doing DDPY with me.  Hopefully, there will be more tales to tell as a result.  So thank you DDP!   BANG!!!!

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