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His Injuries Threatened to End His Baseball Career

Name: Joe Cox

Hometown: Belleview, Wisconsin

Age: 30

Injuries: Torn Lat, Torn Rotator Cuff, Torn Labrum, Torn Hamstrings 

Started DDPY: April 2018

Starting Pain Index: 9 out of 10

Timeframe: 1 Month

Pain Index After DDPY: 2 out of 10

I’ve always played sports as hard as I can but that has been getting harder to accomplish as I get older. I have played organized baseball since the age of five, and I am still playing semi-pro baseball at the age of thirty. My arm and body have taken a heavy toll from every game from little league, to college, to now. I have torn my hamstrings multiple times and have heavy damage done to my throwing arm.

First, I tore my lat muscle, then my rotator cuff, then my labrum, all in my throwing shoulder. Everyone has that one thing in life they love to do and mine is baseball. These injuries were making it near impossible to play a position and throw a baseball. The past year the pain just got too much. I have tried everything possible to ease the pain so I could continue playing. The list included constant ice, heat, ibuprofen, physical therapy, kinesiology strips, icy hot, Epsom salt baths, compression, chiropractors. Not one of these actions helped my pain for more than a few throws.

The doctors said my only chance to ease any pain was surgery, and that was risky and not a definite cure. My parents still to this day come to every single baseball game I have. I attribute starting DDP YOGA because of them. Last Christmas my mom bought me the DDP YOGA disc 1 and 2. She knew I needed something to help my cause, and knew I loved wrestling almost as much as baseball!! I watched disc 1 the next day and then it sat on my shelf till April. That’s when I finally took out disc 2 and started the ‘Energy' workout.

I have now done the Energy workout every single day for one month. I am just blown away at how my arm has seemed to improve overnight. I have done everything I thought possible for years to help my arm. Then DDP YOGA, pretty much my last resort, came through like a miracle. I am able to play shortstop again and make throws without cringing in pain. Just the pure flexibility in my arm is something I have not had since my early teenage years. I have seen great improvement in my hamstrings as well.

What is so exciting is that I have just begun my journey with DDPT and have so much more to experience with it. I would have never tried yoga in my life if it wasn’t for Diamond Dallas Page. If a former wrestler could do it, I knew I would be willing to try it. I went from severe pain and being depressed just one month ago, to pure joy, excitement, and most of all, thankfulness to DDP YOGA!

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