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Ken's mind-blowing 305 lb transformation - The MOST inspiring story you'll watch today.

At 540 lbs, Ken's life was constant pain and severe depression - his self image was "human garbage" and thought of himself as a "monster".  

One day when his boxer Lucky woke him up to go outside, he realized just how difficult it was to just move across the room and made plans to end his own life... but only moments after he had planned this something inspired him to change his life.  Watch his incredible journey to reclaim his life and be inspired that anyone can change no matter how bad off they are, and that anything is possible!

Special thanks to Nuvia Dental Implants, who have a shared mission with DDPY, to improve the quality of others' lives and heard about Ken's journey.  Their generous donation to Ken's life, giving him a brand new smile (he had fallen and knocked his teeth out years earlier), made his full transformation even more unbelievable.

Ken is proof that anything is possible and it's never too late to turn your life around completely.

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