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Lucy Wright

Name: Lucy Wright

Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia

Starting Weight: 240 lbs

Started DDPY: April 2017

Timeframe: 10 Months

Weight Lost: 37 lbs

I tried DDPY in April 2017 and honestly I didn't think it would stick, I had tried other exercise programs and had given up after 3 months or so. I always got frustrated with the lack of movement on the scale. DDPY was different from the beginning, it encouraged me to measure instead of relying on just a scale. I was surprised when at the end of summer I was still doing it, not only that but I was seeing results all across my life. I was more flexible, I can make multiple trips up and down the stairs without getting winded or tired, and my back pain has disappeared. I changed my diet at the end of summer and watched the weight just fall off of me, for the first time I get it, it's not just about a number on a scale, it about how I feel, it's about living the best life I can and DDPY gives me the tools to do that. I tell everyone I can they need DDPY in their lives, DDP starts out slow and talks to you, not down to you.

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