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Steven and Monica Andrews

Names: Steven and Monica Andrews

Hometown: Kissimmee, Florida

Age: 30 (Monica), 29 (Steven)

Starting Weight: 219 lbs (Monica), 273 lbs (Steven)

Started DDPY: April 2017

Timeframe: 10 Months

Monica's Weight Loss: 49 lbs

Steven's Weight Loss: 98 lbs

When we started dating in 2009, Steven was playing hockey 2-3 days a week and Monica was going to college for Musical Theatre and in 3 dance classes a week. Fast forward to spring of 2016: we just had our second child and no longer were playing hockey or in dance classes. In November 2016 Monica had her 10 year high school reunion and found herself needing to purchase a pair of pants in a size 20. This was an eye opener for her, but justified it on the baby weight she had yet to lose. It didn’t make needing to purchase a bigger size any easier, but at least she had something to blame it on. At the same time, Steven was wearing a size 40 pants and 2XL shirts. We knew that we were out of shape, but needed to both be on board to start our weight loss journey together and make the necessary changes to see results.

On January 9, 2017, Monica’s work began an eight-week long ‘Biggest Loser’ competition to promote healthy living, which prompted us to get things started. We used to split a large pizza for dinner and then have a full bowl of ice cream (with toppings) for dessert a few times a week. To start on our weight loss journey, we cut out all junk food and began eating the proper portion sizes of much better food. This definitely got the ball rolling, but after a few months we wanted to step things up and find a workout program that would not only help us continue to lose weight, but also tone our new bodies into a healthier and stronger version of our old selves.

We purchased the DDP Yoga Program on April 23, 2017 and began with The Diamond Dozen the next day. We have been working their butts off (literally!) for the last two months and staying faithful to the workout schedule and our new diet. We have gone out of town twice since starting DDPY but have brought our mats and DVDs with us! No excuses!

We both will admit that without each other’s support, it would be nearly impossible to have had as much success with the program as we have had. Steven is back to playing hockey twice a week and Monica is in rehearsals for her first musical in over two years! Steven is now in a size 33 pants and large shirt and Monica is wearing size 12 pants.

We are back on track and excited to see where their new lifestyle leads us!

Steven says “If a year ago someone told me that next year I’d be in the best shape of my life, I wouldn’t believe them! It’s more than just changing what you eat and what you do. It’s a lifestyle change.”

Monica says “I see the changes in my body and feel stronger. This new me is how I always wanted others to see me as! We are healthier for our kids, each other, and most importantly, ourselves!”

PS- Monica won the ‘Biggest Loser’ competition at work by having the highest percentage of weight loss of any other competitor!

Update - February 2018


We began our DDP Yoga journey almost a year ago, in April 2017. We have maintained our new diet and still use DDP Yoga workouts to keep our new and improved bodies. Do we struggle every now and then to stay on track? Of course. Do we slack off every once and a while, yes. However we are lucky to have one another to keep each other motivated and honest. We find those who take this journey on their own the true stars. We admit that we would not have been able to make such a lifestyle change without one another.

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