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Vincent Blando

Name: Vince Blando 

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 

Starting Weight: 260 lbs

Started DDPY: March 2018

Timeframe: 3 Months

Weight Lost: 20 lbs

Achievements: Eliminated constant neck and back pain

My story is that I’m an animator. That means long labor intensive 12+ hour days of just sitting at the computer & drawing. After doing this for years, I’d developed some pretty intense neck and back pain from craning down to look at my drawing tablet constantly. Not to mention the sedentary lifestyle led to some weight gain and basically zero muscle growth or muscle strength. Even more importantly for me, my mind would be too easily carried into dark places with all that alone time. I was very susceptible to bouts of bad depression and anxiety.

After starting DDPY, I noticed an improvement mentally right away. When doing the Butterflies in Fat Burner 2.0, DDP says “pull all of that positive energy into your life,” and later in the workout says “If you say you can, or you say you can’t, you’re right” - hearing those things every morning, along with DDP’s classic “Own Your Life,” really helped turn my thinking around. And then turning my body around too, as I went from doing Fat Burner 2.0 every morning to Diamond Cutter in just over a month.

I began DDP YOGA only 3 months ago and quickly found myself going from doing Fat Burner 2.0 three times a week to doing the Diamond Cutter every morning. A few weeks ago I was even able to do the 10-second push-ups without any modifications, which has been my personal moment of DDPYoga pride

DDPY has brought balance between my mind, my body, and my work, and I’m super grateful for that.

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