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Alexander Lopez

Something that made me want to make the change and really let DDP YOGA influence my life was last November, I was acting in a student short film where I was in a Motown-style boy band with two of my friends. We had to wear these sparkly sequin dress shirts that I remember feeling a little tight on me. After watching the final film product, I remember seeing myself and not liking how I looked at all. The buttons on the shirt were barely holding on, my curves were less than flattering, and standing next to my friends who were both in great shape made me stand out in a way that I wasn’t comfortable with. They say the camera adds ten pounds, so I’m wondering just how many cameras were actually on me. I also remember going to the doctors for a checkup and I was shocked when I weighed in at 237 pounds; about 50 pounds more than when I wrestled in high school.

I’ve owned a DDP YOGA DVD since 2013, and I used it periodically the year I got it, but after a while, I fell out of it. After deciding that I wanted to make a change in my life, I dug it up from one of my moving boxes and popped it in. I remember being so frustrated with the first workout because I could feel how much I let myself go after all these years. I could barely bend my legs to any degree without shaking the whole apartment. I couldn’t do a single pushup on my knees. I finished the workout feeling a little discouraged. Later that same day, I remember bending my knees to pick something up from the floor. And for the first time in about a year, my legs didn’t shake. I definitely took notice, and thought that if DDP YOGA could make that change for me in one day, what could it do for me in three months?

When I started the program in December of 2017, I had what I called “sub-goals” and my “main goal”. My sub-goals were to do the workouts for 30 days, then 60, days, then 100, and so on. My main goal was to lose 30 pounds before my college graduation ceremony in May of 2018. Some days were harder than others to maintain my sub-goals since I often deal with depression, but I was able to push through and get to where I wanted to be. When I made it to my graduation ceremony, I weighed in at 207 pounds. I lost the exact 30 pounds I wanted to lose. I was crying tears of joy because it was the first time since high school that I was losing weight instead of gaining it. This gave me the drive to keep up with the workout and lose more weight. As of now, September 2018, I’m down to 197 pounds and the happiest I’ve been with myself in a long time.

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