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Jessie Aycock



I did my first session of DDP Yoga on January 8th 2018. That was the day I started my process and have been dedicated for 8 months!

I'm a huge wrestling fan and always loved DDP seeing the compassion and transformation his program had on Jake and Scott really encouraged me to dive in.

A mixture, it depending on if I was using my classroom after school or making it work in my living room or bedroom.

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I was tired of being the overly large guy with the personality that just made people laugh. I wanted to look into the mirror and be proud of what I saw. I knew i had so much potential within me but years of complacent dieting and lack of activity was starting to take over and I was beginning to hate who I was.

DDP Yoga was always something I had wanted to try because I had seen the transformation it had played in Scott Hall's recovery, and as a result became even more inspired. I tried to get after it 4-5 times a week and do as much as I could do, obviously adding the accommodations I'm as needed because of my pain in my knees.

That initial start, along with some basic meal prep was really the ignition to a whole new way of living. I went from drinking 20 regular sodas a day and eating out 2 or 3 times a day to maybe eating out 2-3 times a week and really pushing water.

The biggest takeaways for me come down to consistency, attitude, and paitence.

It can't be something you just do whenever, develop a routine, realistic and attainable and start digging.

Don't tell yourself you cannot do it. Try it, change it, push yourself. This program has helped a large variety of people with all different issues and body types so your attitude coming in has to be one of the biggest factors contributing to success. Shoot for the stars!

I've never been a small dude but I didnt get up to 400 pounds over night . I knew when I saw 397 on the scale it was going to be a long uphill process but the day I saw 303 on the scale was encouragement that, although in maybe increasingly more difficult I'll be able to get to my goal of 220. Be Paitent and dedicated and you will see results.

The idea of doing DDP Yoga wasnt an exercise I wanted to do, in the beginning I had to be disciplined enough to know it was unconditional to help get me started on my goals. I am about halfway towards my ultimate goal and look forward to conquering it and progressing further with DDP Yoga.

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