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Ashli Womack

My story began back in 2013 when I was weighing in at around the 250lbs mark. I purchased the DVDs after seeing Arthur's story and decided that I was going to turn my life around. I controlled my eating by cutting all serving sizes to 1/2cup (and by all, even junk food) as well as tracked all my food in a free app I downloaded for accountability purposes.

Fast forward 6 months later and 60lbs lighter, I was hit with severe health issues that caused me to revert back to my previous bad habits. By December of 2014, I made my weigh (hee hee) back to the 215lbs mark. Like before, I said enough. Difference being that I have stuck with it to this day and am currently sitting at the 160lbs mark.

I'm currently battling through more health issues but I've not given in. I push through and get my workout in no matter what because I REFUSE to fall back into that old mindset. It's not always easy but once you set aside a small part of your day to the workouts, routine will kick in and it will be as if it's just another task that has to be completed. (Or if you're like me, you actually enjoy the workouts)

I hope this post reaches those of you who might be struggling. Every bit of my weight loss is attributed to DDP Yoga alone. All from my tiny ass living room with 3 kids running about. You just have to have faith in yourself and remove the word can't. #BANG

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