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Robert Benefer

In my opinion my life has been nothing to out of the ordinary, I have always just viewed myself as very much an average Joe, but one thing that has plagued me throughout my life has been my weight, so when you read this don’t think I was thin then gained weight then lost it again, because some people thinks that’s easier (I’m not convinced it is!).


My being overweight was the life I was used to and I had got used to it to be honest, in the early days of my adulthood I tried various diets training schedules and schemes that either didn’t work, where inordinately expensive or just seemed like some kind of modified torture method, but when I went to university to do an architectural degree I found American football, and it was a sport I actually enjoyed and thought it could be the sport that would help me get truly in a shape that wasn’t round!


But just as I started to have some small success (seemed like big steps in weight loss at the time but not so much anymore) I tore my ACL ligament and couldn’t play anymore and my mobility was greatly reduced, three months after this happened my father passed away…so I ate and ate and ATE!!!


I gained weight until I reached the final weight of 332lbs and at 5”11 in height that was not good, my fitness went from really not great to me getting heavily out of breath and sweating climbing a single flight of stairs, I qualified from my university and got a job, however already not in a great place mentally and a diabolical place physically, the job I got turned out to be terrible for my self-esteem and my health as well.


I reached my lowest point and finally couldn’t take it anymore and quit my job and it was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, but it was at this point I saw Authors video and was blown away by the success this guy had, and to top it all off being a long term wrestling fan I thought if DDP says yoga is good for me why not give it a go!


I got my DVD’s and started the DDPY program, the things DDP says are such common sense things but until you hear him say it in such a matter of fact manner it doesn’t really sink in, on top of this he approaches things in the DDPY in such a sensible way not like any other programs saying what you have to do, but how can adapt the program to work for you.


I was hooked! The weight came off me so quickly and with so little effort in comparison to anything else I had tried in my life.


In my life I had never been fit enough to run, and as I said earlier at my worst stairs were an issue….but now after the DDPY I can run it was a slow process to get to where I am, but right now I am training for a half marathon and a Olympic distance triathlon, I never thought I would be able to get to this point, and I can tell you whenever I ache too much from my running training or I feel out of it in some way I always come home to my yoga to make myself feel good again.


And that brings me to the other thing the program did for me, as I said when I started I was at my lowest ebb, my confidence was shot and my self-esteem was none existent but the community of DDPY is amazing everyone is so helpful and optimistic which is view point all to absent from the world today in my opinion, and the fact that even after the global success of the program that you can still find DDP himself commenting on pictures and the pages himself is mind boggling.


The system has effected every aspect of my life sporting social hobbies hell I will live longer thanks to the program! So would I suggest the DDPY to my friend and family and you the reader, you bet your ass I would!


Whether or not you try the DDPY (You totally should!!!) I wish you all the luck in the world and thanks for taking the time to read my story, and if you would like to hear more about my story or hear me gush about DDP or my progress on my half marathon and triathlon please come and check me out on my YouTube channel at or just watch the video below which is a video I sent to DDP thanking him about the program and explaining my story.  



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