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Brad Steele

Years ago, I had lost 40 lbs and was the smallest I had been in my adult life. But then, I went off to college and well... I gained it all back and then some... and then some more... 2017 was probably the most unhealthy year of my life and before I knew it, I was the biggest that I had ever been and my eating had spiraled out of control. In addition to being so big, I just felt terrible. Here I am, a 24 year old man, and everyday I’m dealing with headaches and being out of breath and my knees and back are in pain all of the time. I knew that things shouldn’t be this way and I knew I had to make a change but had trouble finding the desire to dig myself out of the hole that I had put myself in. As 2018 started, I started to implement common sense changes to my diet. I got used to not eating late night meals (a common thing that I did before) eating more sensible portions, and less junk as well as drinking LOTS more water. My goal was to lose 50 lbs. The last step in implementing changes was finding a program to help me drop the weight. I had thought about starting DDPY for months but thought it wasn’t for me. As a lifelong wrestling fan, I had heard the stories of Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. I had heard Chris Jericho and AJ Styles talk about how the program had helped them. Still, I needed to hear from someone like me who had let their weight spiral out of control and had lost the weight. On cue, I saw the story of Mick Foley who, like me, had gained tons of weight and felt like there was no way that he could drop it. I saw the success that he had through the program and then later on that night, I stopped making the excuses and downloaded the app and signed up and I never looked back. From the moment I did my first workout, for the most part, there was never a doubt that I would accomplish my goal. There was one night that I was feeling discouraged and the thought of giving up crossed my mind. I got on the DDP YOGA twitter account that night and there was a quote that said “If I give up now, I’ll end up back where I started, and when I started, I was desperate to be where I am now” I took a screenshot of that quote and always remembered it. Exactly 6 months later, I couldn’t even contain my joy when I stepped on the scale and I had reached my goal. 50 lbs gone in 6 months! DDP YOGA absolutely changed my life!

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