Just a few short days from my 41st birthday, it happened. I was so angry. I found my winter coat no longer fit, nor did a large selection of my clothes. I was taking naps regularly. Sleeping was problematic at night; waking at intervals. Indigestion and heartburn were regular visitors. I no longer thought I was attractive to my wife of so many years. And what’s worse, my depression. And it was all affecting my family and marriage. I was over 242 lbs on my 5’10” frame. It wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time I was a regular runner, tipping the scale just over 200 lbs. I was active, fit, outgoing and social….and that all changed on December 2, 2012. My son. My running partner and my joy, my Devin, (only 11 years old) was struck by a car. He died just two days later. My heart broke and so did I. I found it hard to get up each day. Hard to be active and social. Hard to do anything but push away. I would have flashes here and there, but inside I was so broken… and there was the darkness. I tried to start running. Tried to eat right, tried every fad and concoction. Tried gyms. Nothing… I do not blame him or his death…. I blame my own inability to control my life. I am in control, the 242 lbs and everything that came with it, was my fault. So, For my 41st birthday, I bought myself the DDP Yoga App. I was a wrestling fan from way back. And everyone I listened to (podcasts) kept extolling this workout. I knew DDP and his story. He has gone from bottom to the top so many times with every challenge he took. Maybe he had the answer. A workout that I can love and enjoy, something to help me get back and burn away the pounds I had allowed to happen. I committed! Every day, I hit the mat! And I sweat! And after each workout I found myself smiling. Within a week or two I felt stronger. Within a month I felt more flexible. I saw clothes getting looser, I started to see muscle, I started to lose weight. In April my wife, who is much smarter, convinced me to change my eating habits; no diet, just change my life style. And with that, the weight started to drop like a rock! See? Smarter! Today I am 211 lbs. I am down more than 30 lbs. I owe it to DDPY and all the app features. The endless number of workouts, encouragement, motivation, DDPTV and the nutrition features. I tell everyone about the DDPY Program and how much I love it. All of the problems I had prior, are in my past. I even found myself running again.October 14, 2018 I will be toeing the line at the International Marathon. 26.2 miles! I have never done a marathon, it’s my challenge and my reward. To Dallas and his team. Thank you.

Story Posted: August 20 2018

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