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Christine Siemann

I was always the tall skinny girl growing up, i could eat anything and everything i wanted and never gain a pound. I’ve also always had really bad self esteem and was bullied from elementary school up until my senior year of high school. Fast forward to my early 20’s and i started working a desk job (i previously worked at grocery stores and was standing and walking around for hours at a time.) So all i would do is eat and since i had started driving just a year or so before i wasn’t so active and was going to get fast food all the time. I ended up gaining a lot of weight. I did go to the gym and watch what i was eating but it wasn’t for me. I would lose some weight and just gain it all back because i was depriving myself of the food i wanted.

Fast forward again to the end of 2016 i lost my uncle and my grandfather within a month and a half of each other. I started losing weight slowly just by watching what i was eating. Beginning of May of 2017 my brother had showed me the video of Arthur and his transformation and then showed me the video of Dallas explaining DDPY and he said to me “I’m gonna try this would you wanna try it?” I said “sure” he had already paid for it so what was the worst that could happen? I wouldn’t enjoy it and i would find some other way to lose weight. He started with the diamond dozen and i was like “i could do this it seems easy enough.” May 4th 2017 I did my first diamond dozen and i fell in love. I was on a schedule and i was doing it 5 to 6 days a week.

On July 10th i got a phone call that would change my entire life. My mom was being rushed to the ER because she had an accident at home. My family and myself out the next day she had a brain aneurysm. On July 11th 2017 at 5:30pm she passed away. For a month i didn’t care what i ate and i didn’t workout. On August 12th i smoked my last cigarette and was ready to get back on track. Since then like everyone else I’ve fallen off the wagon and gotten back on like everyone else has. On January 1st I started a no days off kick. I am officially down 40 pounds and i am 5 months into my no days off. I am almost 9 months cigarette free. I am also working on my level one certification. I still would like to lose another 22 pounds, become more flexible and gain more muscle. This isn’t just a workout it’s a lifestyle change. Words can’t even describe how this has changed my entire life. A huge thank you to DDP for creating this amazing workout!

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