I’ve always been the big guy, the funny guy, the eat anything guy, the drink 15-20 beers in one sitting guy, but I’ve also been the embarrassed guy, the bullied guy, the ashamed guy. For as long as I can remember I’ve been heavy. All the way through school and into adulthood I was heavy and teased because of it. I was unfit and out of shape. I didn’t care much for exercise or staying health. I’d binge eat and not think twice about ordering two orders of fries or eating a whole pizza, a whole large size candy bar the sharing kind not the king-size would go down easy. I would never take my shirt off around friends or family because of the embarrassment. Sure, I tried dieting and had some good results but my addictive eating habits would always win. I’d eat good for a few months lose some lbs. then fall back to eating bad and drinking and smoking way too much every day. I was smoking 2 sometime 3 packs a day and wouldn’t be happy unless I drank the entire case of beer like it was challenge at one-point last year I was buying a case of beer nearly every day. I’d get home from work and just start drinking not spending much time with my wife and kids I would end up going to bed stupid late and feel like garbage in the morning. I knew it was time for a change so at the start of April 2017 I quit smoking with the help of a vape that was huge, but the drinking continued at that point I was probably 260ish wearing a tight XXL and a 42-44” pant. I’d heard of DDPY and knew of DDP from back when I watched him on WCW and WWE, so I downloaded the APP in May 2017, inputted my weight, Hight and pretty much that’s it. Maybe watched one or two workouts and forgot about it completely. So fast forward through a summer of heavy drinking to Christmas the holidays a time for giving and receiving also a time where the food is plentiful, sweets are everywhere. I started to find clothing uncomfortable always tight I wouldn’t look in the mirror much and would loose my temper because I could never find anything to wear. New Year’s Eve 2017 I was the DD for the night as we planned to head to a friend’s house and had to drive home with the kids we watched as the ball dropped in NYC and as I kissed my wife I made my New Year’s resolution to get fit and healthy and this time I meant it. I gave myself the first week of January to get the junk food itch out of my system and then it was on. The vape was gone so was the alcohol and it was time to fix my diet. I started to look online at the DDPY program and made the decision to order the max pack and on January 6th, 2018 it arrived over that weekend I fired up the app registered my 3 free month accesses. Monday the 8th would be my first day. This time I put my measurements, progress pics, weight and watched the week one guide. I decided the phase 3 diet would be a good one for me as I had good results from doing a paleo diet in the past.  I followed the guide the first week doing the diamond dozen, tracking everything I ate and writing down my goals. First goal hit 200lbs by my birthday June 3rd figured 52lbs in 6 months should be doable. Some other goals be healthy, be a better father and husband and take back my life. By the second week I started to add a couple of workouts energy, fat burner my diet was in full swing. I was drinking only water and maybe a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Before I knew it, I was at week 4, time for new pics, measurement and weight. My shirts had started fitting better and I’d been feeling great. So, I hopped on the scale 9lb loss wow I had also lost a couple of inches off my chest and waist. As the weeks went by I started doing DDPY 6-7 times a week crushing my diet drinking 150+oz of water everyday and the lbs. start melting away. By Week 8 I was down 30+lbs. Pants were loose, shirts are getting baggy and people started noticing a change. Week 13 was here I was down 51.5lbs 0.5lbs away from my goal weight one whole month early. I had also lost over 30” over my body. I started wearing a large size t shirt, 32” pants, but I still have work to do. I now must start toning and building my body. I must be careful I don’t fall back into old eating habits stay true to my lifestyle choice. I have some new goals now. I will make the 2019 DDPY summit! Also, a trip to the DDPY performance center and even getting certified as an instructor. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try so reach out and grab it. As of now I’m down 57.5lbs and 35 inches in 19 weeks.

Story Posted: June 12 2018

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