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Rich Miller

My name is Rich Miller and I’ve been doing DDP Yoga since November 2014 after years of various injuries, becoming overweight and high cholesterol.

I am in a career where a majority of my time is spent behind a desk working on a computer. Due to a condition called spondylolisthesis, I was in so much pain in my lower back down into my legs, that in 2005 and 2006 I couldn’t even sit in a chair while working. I’d spend entire days kneeling in front of my desk in order to get my job done. In April 2006 I had spinal fusion of my L5-S1 alleviating much of the pain but I never continued the exercises after completing physical therapy. In 2011 in a motorcycle accident I separated my left shoulder; in 2013 I had full reconstructive surgery on my right shoulder after a fall.  Plenty of PT each time, but again I didn’t continue the recommended exercises. I put on a lot of excess weight, contracted a bacterial infection causing severe chest and abdominal pains, and suffered various ailments that come from the stress of commuting an hour plus each way and then sitting at a desk at a job I was no longer satisfied with. Was I extremely overweight? No, but I was disappointed in how I looked and felt. I would do my best to hide it. I knew I needed to do something to ensure I would be there for my children.

I looked into different workout options including joining a gym, buying expensive equipment (most likely to become a drying rack), hiring a personal trainer, and other well-known workout programs that involved weights or jumping around. None fit my time constraints, current physical limitations or mental state at the time.

In October 2014, while driving to work I heard a headlining professional wrestler, in his mid-40’s claiming that to stay in the ring all he does is DDP Yoga, no weights, no drugs, no other heavy workout. Although I long ago stopped watching wrestling I knew who Jericho was and his enthusiasm for DDPY peaked my interest. That day, I researched the program, watched the success videos and ordered the program.

Several months later I met Diamond Dallas Page at a NYC DDPY workshop and became more energized about what DDPY could help me accomplish. I continue to reach for and stay in the 170 lbs range, which would be a 45 lbs plus loss. I’ve come close and maintained a weight not far off, but still have a few pounds to go. One goal achieved is for the first time since high school, between the workouts and adopting many of the suggested changes to the way I eat, my cholesterol level is at an acceptable level without prescribed medication.

In May 2017 I become a L1 DDPY certified instructor and have set a goal to become a L2 instructor by the end of 2018.

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