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Anthony Smith

My name is William Anthony Smith. I have fallen a 100 time in last three years. I have what Doctors call Hunington's chorea. This is a neurological condition I got I  could no longer walk straight or be able to have a great balance. I went to the gym for five years I could never loose weight or get passed a 310 lbs. I had to start physical therapy each week. As of January 5th I will be going there for two whole years. I had to stop going to the gym because I fell twice. Thus, I had to quit.
    I am a huge fan of DDP , so I bought yga dvds the first time in 2009. I couldn't even do the yoga the first time. So, I went back to the gym in 2009. My max weight was 330 lbs. I had to quit the gym in 2015 because of my Huninngton's chorea... I got on the DDP yoga website and I saw Aurther Boreman and other peoples conditions. I finally bought the 2.0 series from the website. DDP had some videos on how to do these moves in the ddp yoga. thus the better ways and how to d these inside and out I read the all the stuff as well. I had never was series about ever doing a glutton free diet. My wife made sure  did it.
     My wife made sure I did eat  everything right. also, thee yoga exercises are awesome. Its awesome to ask you guys anything at anytime. I have to use a cane every other week, not every day either. For a year I have done the first level four days a week. I attend physical every week. i want to get down to 230 lbs.
    Than you DDP for yoga and the weight loss as well.  my wife and thank you.

I am a WWE wrestling fanatic, ddp was my favorite wrester of all time. i saw the stories how they took control of their lives. Its not your Mama's regular yoga. It a great meal plans and what videos and how and when to do them.
Jamsine I apologize for the crappy writing.but i am able to not fall as I did. as well, my wife finds me sexy when i do my workouts. thank u ddp and your entire team as well.

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