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I got to my heaviest weight ever at 250 pounds. I became very depressed and disappointed in myself. I was 31 years old and I felt like I was slowly killing myself with food. My wife and family were worried about me and I knew I needed to make a change. My dad and I are lucky enough to attend WrestleMania each year and the 2017 show was our 10th Mania. I saw DDP was going to enter the Hall of Fame and heard about how he had begun wrestling in his 30’s. That is a big change for someone. I was a pro wrestler and I know how taxing that can be. I also saw all the life-changing stories resulting from DDP Yoga. I told myself that I still wanted to achieve amazing things in my life and to be around for my wife and future children. I knew that if I kept up this unhealthy lifestyle, not only would I not be able to achieve great things, I won’t live long enough to meet my grandchildren.  

I believed that if DDP could break into this type of business in his 30’s, then I could still accomplish some pretty great things in my 30’s. I knew that the only way I could do anything great was to get back into a healthy lifestyle. This is when I purchased DDP Yoga. I followed the diet and started the DVD’s. I have lost 41 pounds, feel amazing, and am no longer depressed.  I am nowhere near done and I feel like the world is full of opportunities again. Hell, I am still 31 years old and I could start wrestling again. Maybe one day I could meet DDP in a ring ;). Anything seems possible and it is because of this program and the transformation it has created in my life. Thank you!

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