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Carlos Mesa

My story started a year ago when my fiancee informed me she wanted to try DDP YOGA, I was at my heaviest at 425, wearing a size 60 in pants and a 4xlt in shirts, I could not get out of bed without drinking an 800mg ibuprofen, and would drink one every 6 hours after to get through the day. I would walk from my car to my house and be out of breath, I would walk up the stairs and feel like my heart was pounding out of my chest. My fiancee started DDP Yoga at this time to help with post-pregnancy weight but I would make every excuse not to try it. I work as an appliance technician and would eat all the fast food during my daily route and would stress eat all day. I could barely bend over to tie my shoes. I would drink four 2 liter bottles of coke a day. I was at my lowest, I could not even keep up with my 2-yr-old without having to sit every 10 steps. One day I woke up and was tired of how hard it was to do ordinary tasks and of all the pain. The first thing I did was drop all the fast food and soda. Then I saw the story of Arthur Boorman on my youtube feed again and told my fiancee if he could do that then I could do it also. I started to see a change not only in myself but also everyone in the house think about food and exercise. I started doing the beginner workout 15 minutes at a time and noticed that my back was feeling better, then I started doing the wake-up stretches and energy. I noticed I stopped drinking all the pain killers and was getting more flexible. I was able to tie my shoes again with ease and play with my kids. At work, I could kneel down with ease and move in ways I haven't been able to in years. Without DDP YOGA this would not have been possible, It has restored my ability to perform normal tasks and more with no pain and with ease. My Goal is to be able to drop down to at least 210 lbs and be able to live pain-free and show others that it is possible one step at a time. All the weight and injuries did not happen over night so it's a journey and I'm going to keep going till I hit my goal.

(from fiancee: and he forgot to tell about the heart scare we had last year due to his weight and drinking so much red bull at work that it affected his potassium level. Was hospitalized for 4 days. I'm super proud of him and yes, we work out together every morning. lol)

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