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John Clauser

My story isn't quite as inspirational as, say, Arthur or Jared or Eric or Stacey, but it is MY story.  Growing up I was always a "husky" kid.  For the most part, I ate whatever was put in front of me and I can't say I was the most active kid.  I had horrible coordination and balance due to a lazy eye and wide, fat feet.  I was bullied because of my weight, but also due to things I liked.  Eventually, I lost a lot of that baby fat into my teens and was more active with walking.  Until I hit 30 was when my weight started getting out of control.  At one point I had ballooned up to close to 270.  I tried low carb for a long time and walking exercise and I did lose weight but my body still wasn't in the best shape.  In 2009, I had to have torn meniscus surgery which caused me to not be as active.  After starting back up with at the gym a couple years later, I suffered a torn labrum in both shoulders but as of this moment, only my right one had surgery and that was 2012.  My body was being beat up by how I was exercising and not really taking care of myself.  My weight went up again and was over 260 getting close to 270.  I watched the Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts documentary as well as the WWE produced Scott Hall documentary and both allude to DDP Yoga.  I looked at my wife and said, you know, I could do this.  Then we started watching the videos.  Arthur.  Jared.  Eric.  Stacey.  Etc.  I decided to order the Max Pack and started in with the program.  We took a hard look at what I was eating and decided to clean that up dramatically as well.  I went to eating mostly salads with lots of veggies and protein as my lunch.  Eggs and peppers and onions for breakfast.  Usually a lean protein for dinner.  Essentially, Phase 3.  I've been striving to be completely gluten and dairy free.    My diet became boring to some but for me, it was helping me shed a lot of weight and the DDPYoga program has helped make me the most flexible I have ever been in my nearly 48 years.  The mental clarity I have found because of the cleaner diet matched with the exercise, has also been probably the best in my life.  I have gone from 262, which was the weight I entered when I started to 173 currently.  My original goal was 185.  I've been to 171-172 and so I'm fluctuating a little bit.  Being 5'11" and the type of build I have, I don't think I need to lose anymore weight but now the work to build the muscle using the program.

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