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Katelyn Rocco

I have a "You Only Live Once" mentality, embrace life with the question "Why not?" rather than "What if?" While that's amazing to embrace life with such a carefree attitude, it's not good to have when it comes to food. Consuming food and drinks with an absurd amount of sugar and carbohydrates because "Today may be my last" resulted in my heaviest weight of close to 200 lbs and lack of self-confidence. I attempted to "diet and exercise" but was unsuccessful every time. The only amazing thing that came from my recent attempts was the discovery of yoga. Even after I gave up my attempts to lose weight, I still practiced yoga. As amazing as yoga made me feel on the inside, the negative feelings about my outer appearance continued to grow and weighed me down emotionally. It wasn't until I saw a photo of myself with a dear friend of mine on her wedding day that I decided it was time to make a change. The reason being is because my friend is six months pregnant in this photo, but you can't even tell. I on the other hand am obviously overweight. I immediately began seeking advice and information on how to make huge changes to my diet and on May 3rd, 2017, I made what would be the biggest decision of my life. I removed anything with sugar and carbohydrates from my diet and replaced it with plenty of fruits, vegetables and greens. I removed soda, my biggest struggle in prior diet attempts, and consumed nothing but water and coffee. I implemented yoga workouts into my lifestyle change, and lost 10 lbs in my first two weeks! I enjoyed my yoga exercises, and wanted to add variety to it. Two months into my lifestyle change, I decided to try DDP Yoga. A friend of mine had substantial success from it, and I knew if I worked hard at it, I would too. I bought the Max Pack and wasted no time getting started and have been hooked ever since. I got the workout I wanted from it all while having fun in the process. Since then, I have lost a total of 37.7 lbs, and gained a level of self-confidence and self-love I never knew could possibly exist. Throughout this journey, I discovered my passion and purpose to inspire and help others achieve their weight loss and lifestyle goals with the help of clean eating and DDP Yoga. DDP Yoga Level I & II Instructor Certifications as well as Holistic Nutritionist Certifications are in my future so I can take the world by storm and help create a healthy, happier nation, one individual at a time.

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