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Dale Stafford

My name is Dale Stafford.  I am a retired military veteran with 21 yrs of service.  I have many injuries from combat injuries resulting in 2 purple hearts, a bronze star and dozens of other medals and citations.  I am 100% and fully retired.  I got into pro wrestling after military.  Did it for a few years.  I retired from everything due to my military injuries and injuries caused by VA errors while treating my military injuries.  I was 265 lbs on December 27th 2015 when a medication error by the VA caused a heart attach and other medical problems.  I was feeling down on myself and needed a change in life and motivation by something new.  I went with to Wrestle Mania in Dallas TX in 2016.  I met DDP and told him my story.  I learned about his program and started it right away.  Two years later, a lot of help from DDP and his staff, a lot of hard work and I am so happy report I am 198 lbs.  I feel so much better, love life again and am happy.  Still have injuries and illnesses from combat, military and VA errors but I am better off 60+ lbs lighter and healthier.  I recommend DDP Yoga to all my veteran family and friends.  Thank you for saving me DDP.  Bammmmm.....  I hope to hear from DDP and thank him personally.

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