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Loren Johnston

My main reason for starting DDPY was a myriad of health issues – it seems like when I turned 30, I really started falling apart. I have a herniated L5S1 – Pelvic Floor Disorder – Costochondritis – previous cervical injury (43 degree reverse curve, managed through Chiropractic care), high blood pressure, some palpitations/tachycardia – the beginning stages of sleep apnea. Last but not least – horrible knees, plantar fasciitis and no flexibility.
All of that stuff was really taking it(s) toll on me – but when my daughter was born (Lillian… she’s 2 now) – I knew I had to make a change – if not for me – but for her. I want to be around. I didn’t want to be that fat Daddy that couldn’t play with her at the park. I want to see her graduate, get married, etc. I want to be there for her.

I chose DDPY because my body just couldn’t handle running anymore. I’m a Federal Law Enforcement Officer – and I used to run – a lot. After graduating from FLETC in Brunswick, GA in 2008 – my buddy Bert and I would run 4 or 5 times a week – upwards of 7 miles. But one day, we just stopped. I gained a ton of weight and starting having issues. I needed a workout that was going to help heal my joints and my herniated lumbar disc – so after seeing Arthur’s video and saying “if that guy can do it… I have no excuse” – I pulled the trigger on the DVD’s. It has changed my life.

My goals are a healthier lifestyle – I have changed my diet – which in turn has helped my sleep pattern. I no longer wake up with a pounding heart, gasping for breath (sleep apnea). My insomnia is all but gone. I’m still struggling with the pelvic floor issues, but DDPY has helped tremendously. I no longer have issues with the plantar fasciitis or the herniated disc. My flexibility has improved so much that I surprise myself almost daily. My high blood pressure and tachycardia seems to be a thing of the past – and I don’t remember the last costochondritis attack (cobra and diamond cutter take care of those I think). I haven’t had an “emergency” adjustment at the chiropractor in months.
So far it has been about a 50lb weight loss – I aggravated the knee in December and didn’t hit the mat for 30 days or so – and the Holidays took their toll on my diet… I went up about 10lbs – but I’m back hitting the mat like a mad man and getting right back on track.
The DDPY community and Dallas himself keep me going - I’m amazed at how involved he is, and how much the community comes together to help inspire each other. I have made some great friends through this program – Garett (#TeamRedHeadBand), George Fenmore, Faron, etc – guys that I know I can message at any time.
The coolest thing is being able to share DDPY with others – I have gifted 2 max packs and a Rebuild program – as well as inspired 4 of my good friends to order the DVD’s and take control of their lives. Feels good to be able to help make a difference.
One of my biggest Non Scale Victories was being able to go zip lining. I’ve wanted to do that forever, but the weight limit was 250. I’m scared to death of heights, so it was quite an experience. I made sure I represented DDPY on the first trip out – because without it, it would not have been possible (due to weight, injury, and lack of confidence).
DDPY has helped me Physically and Mentally – more that I can ever express.
If you talk to Dallas – tell him thank you for me. I owe him.

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