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Richard Jordan

What Made Me Change?

I have always battled with my weight and my fitness, I have tried diets, a regular gym, and also things a bit different such as thai boxing. These all fell by the wayside for one reason or another, be it time or lack of interest. I love being a dad, and I love my family more than anything else in the world, I hate the thought letting them down, or them thinking less of me for whatever reason.

I decided to start the DDPYOGA program as I have a young daughter and another child on the way, I didn’t want to be one of those Dads who were too unfit to keep up with their kids, and sit on their backside all day. Being over 3oo lbs was uncomfortable and I felt lethargic. I felt like I kept letting my daughter down by not being able to play properly, this also made me feel like a huge let down to myself and everyone else around me.

The role DDP Yoga Played

DDPYoga has played a huge part in this. I feel fitter, my posture is better, I have the energy to play with my daughter, and I no longer get the back pain that I used to get in the morning. Aside from the physical side of things my life has changed positively in so many ways. Applying the mindset from DDPYoga to my life at home, at work and in most other aspects of my life.

I love doing the yoga, and pushing myself, I also enjoy the personal feeling and experience, whether it be in the app, on social media, or even at the workshops (which was awesome by the way). Little things help us keep at it, and DDP plays a huge part in this.

People have started noticing me losing weight, and I am able to buy smaller clothes, which is both nice, and expensive.

The End Goal

I WILL get down to around 220 lbs. That will be the lightest I have been since I was 14, 20 years ago!!!

Other than the numbers, to be fit and healthy and be the best Dad I can be.

What’s Changed

Aside from the now regular exercise, my eating habits have changed completely. Gone are the takeouts, and the greasy foods. I no longer eat the same chocolates and sweets.

I have also changed how I eat carbs and protein, this is following advice from Dallas, he advised to stick with carbs or protein in meals, don’t mix them. That has helped a lot.

I have cut down my coffee intake to one, mmaybe2 cups a day max, down from 4-5 cups a day.

Finally, I have started walking more, especially on my lunch hour at work. Working at a desk in an office can make it difficult to exercise, but I find doing this a t lunch helps.


The main one is boredom, and I think that this is something that everyone suffers with. The fact that you can make DDP Yoga your own helps mix it up and keep away the boredom.

I have also had interactions with DDP on Twitter, and at a workshop, and I know these are little things, but the fact that he is a nice guy, and approachable helped, and the fact that he acknowledged and appreciates people’s efforts is a huge deal maker.

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