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Nick Holowasz

What made me make the change was, that I looked at myself in the mirror one day and noticed that I was “missing” – there was this person inside of me that wasn’t me. I needed to find ‘me’ again and get him back. Also, I wanted to be here for myself, my wife and my son. I do want to be a grandfather one day and the way I was headed, that wasn’t going to happen. I needed to make a change and a gradual one. I wanted to own my life again.

On social media one day, I saw an ad on one of the posts I was on that showed DDP and this YOGA he was promoting. I originally got a chuckle out of the whole idea about doing Yoga to lose weight. But, knowing DDP from watching him for years on WCW, WWE and his persona, I decided to see what it was all about. So, each day, I kept going back to the DDPY Website to see what this was all about. I started to get interested. I started to think that this was legit and that he was using actual people who were in my shoes, and not actors. REAL People. People who lost the weight, got fit and OWNED Their LIFE…, I decided to purchase the complete set and have it shipped to me. I received it, said, ‘what did I just buy?’, put it on the floor and let it sit unopened for 1 year. Then in October 2016, after seeing it sit there, I decided to open it and see what it was all about……I am sure glad that I did!!

I started this journey on my own, but, needed a partner. My wife noticed what I was doing and asked, ‘are you really going to do this’ and I said…yes! I want to find Nick again….He’s inside of me and I can feel him trying to get out. So, slowly I began from the beginning…breathing, beginner beginner, etc. I asked my wife to join with me. She was skeptical at first. But, she decided to join me about a month after I started.

We started to change our eating habits. We changed our way of living, of eating (cutting out all of the McDonalds, fast foods, the 2nd helpings, etc) and started to eat better. We now have portion control when we eat. Granted, we do have the odd, cheat day, but, have stuck to the regimen about what we eat and the amount. As we wanted to gradually lose the weight and keep it off….for GOOD. We did the complete beginner, intermediate and advanced sections and now we just go back and do advanced all over again, but, we make it our own. We do the workouts we want and the ones we want to target next for this journey.

There are many nights where we don’t feel like doing DDPY, but, the days we have off, our body lets us know why we missed. We motivate each other to keep going. Now, it’s part of our every day lifestyle and we make time for it.

Some of the struggles that we did encounter were that we weren’t following the modified parts sometimes, as we should have and rushed into doing it full out, well, being that DDP yoga is not your average Yoga, we felt it and scaled back. We each have heart monitors (mine is an Apple Watch and my wife has a fitbit), we constantly check our rates and pull back when we feel and see that we are high). We struggle sometimes today, but, knowing that each and every day, the moves we struggle on will get better as we keep going along. We will keep going now and when we reach our end goals, which, we haven’t decided what they’ll be. I still have a lot of work to do and I know it will take time, which is why DDPY is why I (we) chose this journey and are proud we did.

People started noticing changes. They asked if we were losing weight. When we told them how we were doing it they were all surprised. Then the jokes started about “Nick doing yoga”, but the results speak for themselves. We share our stories. We have inspired a few of our friends to purchase the program and get back to owning their lives. The only “downside” to DDP? Having to buy new clothes! My wife is happy – she gets to go shopping!

All I can say, sorry, WE can say, is Thank you DDP!!!!. You have made me start to get Nick back. You have made me (us) find me (us) and “own my life”. We NEVER want to go back to where we were.

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