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Justin Becraft

At age 32, I had found myself stuck in a rut fitness wise. I had always had a great desire to workout and be fit but years of struggling with my weight and pain in my back and knees had dwindled my enthusiasm for training. I was always thinking about trying to get in the best shape of my life. I just needed the motivation.
One day in October, I was playing with my then 7 month old son. As I hobbled around with my knees hurting and the wonderful beer gut I had been carrying around, I thought to myself, "My son deserves better than this. He deserves a father who takes care of himself and sets and example of health and fitness". That day I decided to make a change.

I've been a huge fan of DDP since I was 12 years old watching him on Monday Nitro. I had his shirts and would be throwing up the Diamond Cutter along with him every time i watched him hit the ring. I had heard rumblings of him doing a yoga program that had helped a bunch of wrestlers get back on track. If I could believe in anyone to help me do this, it was DDP.

The amazing thing about the DDPY system is from the get go you start to believe in yourself. I have never really had confidence in myself. I noticed that almost immediately after starting the program I woke up more enthusiastic about the day ahead and the goals I could achieve. The workouts are very clearly instructed, with DDP and the team encouraging you every step of the way. Every time you pop in the DVD and start a workout, you feel confident that you are on the right track to owning your life. The workouts are incredibly smooth, challenging you intensely while making sure you don't overload yourself. I was hooked from the get go. I look forward to conquering each workout with an intense enthusiasm that I have never had for any other form of training.

After 4 months on the system, I have dropped 40 pounds. The aches and pains from my physically demanding job have finally stopped nagging me. My energy level is off the charts. I feel like a teenager again! And as someone who has struggled with alcohol, I am proud to say I have not touched a drink since beginning the DDPY workouts! Every chance I get I share my love for DDPY. I always look for an opportunity to share my personal success story with others. I know if I can do it, anyone can. The DDPY team is there to offer encouragement and inspiration every step of the way. Like DDP always says, " If you fall, thats ok. Just get back up again!".

Thank you to DDP, the amazing team and staff at DDPY and to all others who have shared their stories about the wonderful things DDPY has done for their lives. Lets all continue to believe in one another and keep reaching to be the best we can be every day! BANG!

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