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Simon Cashen

I have been doing DDP YOGA for 7 months


I first saw DDP YOGA through a video I watched of Arthur that had been shared on Facebook. At that time I thought “I could do that” and then did nothing. Then 7 months ago I got into the car weighing in at 407lbs with 132cm trousers.

The trousers were tight around the waist and creating sores on my stomach, I was uncomfortable, I was tired and for the first time I said “That’s It, I cant keep going on like this”.


My diabetes was out of control, my daily average sugar reading was 20, my hbA1c was 80. I had also developed diabetic nephropathy in my foot causing intense pain where I was struggling to walk.


So Started DDP YOGA, every night, once the kids are in bed. The diet changed. I went from drinking 3 liters of fizzy a day to 3 liters of water. Everything I was eating and doing changed, it had to.


After 7 months of DDP YOGA I have lost 112lbs. I now take less than 30 units of insulin (I was taking 252) per day. My trousers are down to 107cm. Whilst I still have diabetic nephropathy, I can walk properly with no pain. I was able to teach my son how to ride a bike, I can stand on that foot with no issues.

My Hba1c is down to 33, I am now in non diabetic levels.


I am happy, I am healthier, every aspect of my life is better than it was ever before. Dallas, Jared and Arthur have been my biggest inspirations.

Plus not to forget my wife who has been doing this with me every day since I started.


I still have a ways to go but have complete and unwavering faith that I will get there.

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