In April 2016 I decided after turning 44 that it was time to start thinking about getting in shape. This really came to light after I went to the doctors to have some blood work and some other testing done as it had been years since I had done so. A week prior to going to the doctors I went and got the blood work done and signed up on line so I could look at my numbers before my visit. I was pretty surprised with what I saw. Being overweight since pretty much I hit 30, I knew things weren't going to be perfect but didn't expect the results I had. Most numbers I didn't understand in the blood work but I saw an awful lot of red flags. At my doctor's visit, I was told I was on the cusp of being a diabetic, my cholesterol levels were through the roof, and I knew my blood pressure was already higher but I hadn't realized how high it had become. After entering all my stats into the system, my doctor told me that it was highly likely that within 10 years I would develop cardiovascular disease if I continued on my current course. 

When I arrived home I knew I had some decisions to make and knew now was the time to make them. I have always been a wrestling fan and I would often see pop ups of Diamond Dallas Page with some yoga video but I never really looked into it. So, I decided I would have a look but I didn't really think I would do it because so many times in the past I would start something and within a month just kind of give up because I found it too hard or didn't really enjoy it.

Then one day I viewed Arthur Boorman's video and thought WOW, I am here feeling sorry for myself and look at this guy and what he's done! Surely I could improve my situation. I decided in May 2016 that I would order the DDP YOGA program and thought "well it's a reasonable price and at this point, I have nothing to lose."  

The DVD package arrived a few weeks later and I started right away with the tutorial and diamond dozen workouts. I did not realize how out of shape I actually was but I committed to stick to it and try and turn things around.

I didn't realize it then, but I was really depressed and feeling sorry for myself. But, by doing DDP YOGA I could feel the happiness in the old me from years ago start to come back. I started to develop confidence that had been missing for so many years. I believe at some point I just got lost and didn't know my place or where I belonged. My wife and daughter have always been supportive of me so I wanted to do this not only for myself but for them so I could make sure I could be around for them.

As the first few months went by, I could feel myself physically getting stronger and felt my clothes start to get looser. I promised myself for the summer that I would not step on the scale, as I didn't want to get discouraged and give up. I had been doing DDP YOGA every day since I opened the package, and I actually would go on to do it 331 days in a row before getting ill and having to take two days off. I also felt my whole attitude change, as I used to be the guy that was negative and always looked at the glass half empty. It really did turn me into looking at it half full.

So, as I approached the end of the summer and into September 2016 I decided to weigh myself and was shocked to see I had lost 40lbs! I didn't think it looked like I did but it was an amazing feeling of accomplishment and one I had not had in many years! I could also see the changes physically where I started to develop some muscle.

I started this journey weighing 260 lbs, absolutely no confidence, and no motivation.  To date, I have lost 58 lbs, I've built muscle in places I've never had it before, and at 45 years young I am in the best shape of my life both physically, emotionally and mentally. I owe it all to starting the DDP YOGA program. It is more than a weight loss program, it is absolutely life changing and I am owning my life in ways I never thought possible.

I went back to my doctors after six months of doing DDP YOGA and she was blown away by how much my numbers changed. I am not out of diabetic danger, but my blood pressure has dropped to where I am down to one pill a day and hopefully get off that soon. My cholesterol has dropped to where I no longer require medication. My goal is to get down to 180 lbs and know I will if I continue to work hard and believe in me!!  BANG!

Story Posted: July 10 2017

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