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Robert Trombley

For a large part of my life I have been overweight. I tried many times to do weight loss programs and control it, but I always seemed to fail. By spring of 2016 I had ballooned up to 305 lbs. I felt terrible in every single way, my self esteem went to an all time low and I basically hit rock bottom in my life. One night in the summer I was cooling down from work and I saw "The Resurrection of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts" on Netflix. I was very aware of DDP and the story of Scott and Jake. I have been a wrestling fan all my life and I actually followed the entire thing on Youtube in real time and even donated to Scott Hall's surgery fund. But for some reason I never thought I could do it as well. But something in that documentary touched me and I became the most motivated I have ever become in my entire life. Because I knew that I was in a do or die situation. My family is full of weight related health problems and I knew if I didn't lose weight I was going to go down that path and there was gonna be no going back. When I heard Jake say "My history will not be my destiny" that was what gave me the motivation that put me over the edge. Because I felt my destiny was living an unhealthy life just like my family history had showed me, DDP Yoga showed me a different way.
So I started the process, I didn't call it a journey or a mission. It was a lifestyle change, I completely changed my diet and workout my routine. On top of that I cut out all the negative influences of my life. I kept my close friends that I trusted and that was it. I cut out sugar and carbs while adding more fruits, veggies, and pure protein. And I made DDP Yoga the base of my workout routine. I did a DDP Yoga workout almost every day and then did a cardio workout at night. It became a positive feedback loop, the cardio would better condition me for Yoga and the Yoga would stretch me out so I could sustain more workouts. I started in August and by December I was already down 30lbs. But I wasn't done yet, not even close. Starting in 2017 I jacked up the DDP Yoga workouts and straightened up my diet even more. The first 4 months I lost 30lbs, in the last 6 months I have lost 60. In August I couldn't do 1 pushup, now I can do 100 (granted with rests in between). Not only have I matched some of my friends' athleticism I have actually surpassed some of them due to my new found flexibility and muscle strength. I guess technically I am at my goal. I wanted be 240 lbs. I am waaaaaayyyyy past that now. But my new goal is 205 lbs. I am 211 right now so I should reach it in the next few weeks. Then not only will I be 100 lbs down, I can also join the cruiserweight division. 
All jokes aside, DDP yoga workouts gave me workout stability that I never had before. When I tried to lose weight I never really knew what to do, I would just give up and feel discouraged. Having specific scheduled workouts gave me a purpose and kept me on point. And of course having DDP as the motivator helped a ton. Even though he gives the options the modify a lot of times I would refuse and push myself further. Because I felt like I was letting myself and DDP down if I wasn't fully exhausted after a workout. The new me is confident and constantly motivated. I don't even recognize the old me anymore, he is a completely different person that I refuse to see again. DDP Yoga was the tool I used to find this new and better version of myself.

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