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Sheena Ellison


My name is Sheena Ellison and DDP Yoga changed my life. November 2013 my daughter died due to the negligence of her babysitter. She was 6 months old. I had always been a bigger girl, but after losing my daughter I fell into a deep depression gaining almost 100lbs in 1 year. I had multiple suicide attempts. I was drinking at least 12 beers a night. Sometimes the beer would replace actually eating a dinner. When I did eat it was fast food or pizza. I just wanted to die. I wanted my daughter back. I wanted to give up on myself and life. January 25, 2016... Just over 2 years later I decided enough was enough. I tried running, I tried lifting weights, I even tried diet pills, shakes, everything for 6 months. Then I found DDP YOGA! I was so big and so weak that I couldn't do anything. DDP yoga made it so much easier to stay focused and a big thing for me was flexibility from sitting on a couch for 2-3 years! DDP opened the door to OTHER workouts and the ability to do them! I can now say I love running and I lift weights regularly. All of this is possible because of DDP YOGA! I STILL to this day incorporate DDP YOGA into my workouts because of how AMAZING I feel when I'm finished! I'm about 70lbs down from 270lbs! I'm currently 204lbs! I want to reach 168lbs!

I've started to record my progress on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook @TheNewSheena on all platforms. I've helped friends lose weight and get healthy as well and I have DDP YOGA to thank for getting me on the right track!

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