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Nathan Baker

I first bought DDP YRG back in 2010. I had just recently gotten married and the marriage was toxic from the start. I had been a police officer for several years and had developed PTSD. Before I had gotten married I had quit lifting and exercising. I went from a lean 213 lbs to 235 lbs. My ex wife had gained weight as well. So young and foolish we decided to look into working out together thinking getting back in shape would help our marriage. One day we were watching old WCW dvds in the living room. We were on a old DDP match. She asked who he was. I googled his name to show her. What I got was information on the DDP workout program. My ex wife and I decided to purchase the program. We used the program for about a year. Neither of us lost weight. Mostly because we had made no life style changes.

No diet changes and a lot of alcohol consumption. So the dvds ended up on a shelf someplace. In 2014 I had gotten up to 300 lbs. I decided to start working out again and pulled the dvds off the shelves. I did real well getting down to 279 lbs. But again life hit with its road blocks and I had given up. January of 2015 my ex wife had told me she was leaving for someone else. This shot us into a 2 year divorce. My weight again climbed and I was now up to 335 lbs. I had been hospitalized for my drinking and the damage it had caused to my liver and my intestines. But I didn't care. In December of 2016 I had been asked to return to the wrestling ring. It had been 10 years since I competed on the independent wrestling scene. I thought "well you got nothing better to do, give it a shot." So I entered the ring. I mostly did tag team matches because I was so over weight and out of shape that I could only last about 5 minets in a singles match.

8 months later my buddy and fellow Independent Wrestler Tim Horner Jr. decided to start their own wrestling promotion in our home town of Fremont,OH. September of 16 we had our first show. The caliber of talent was unbelievable. Top independent wrestlers from Ohio, New York, Michigan and Canada were all there to compete. My match came up and it was very sloppy. I could tell the guys in the back were less then impressed. Fans loved it because it was my home town. Tim called me a few days later and addressed the issue. The fact that I was popular with the fans but my weight was causing me to have poor performance. I loved wrestling for LPW in Fremont so much I promised right away I would work on it and I did. At first that was the motivator. By our second show in October I was down to 295 lbs and at our third show in November I was down to 272 lbs. But I started to find that it wasn't just because I wanted to compete. I was actually doing it. I was losing weight, gaining muscle and flexibility. I wasn't living with the constant pain in my shoulders from old torn rotatory cuff injuries. My knees did hurt from being massively overweight. My back didn't hurt constantly. I was looking in the mirror every morning and I was seeing the change. Not only from the exercise but the healthy eating as well. My doctor was amazed.

He took me off diabetic medication and cut my cholesterol medication in half. I no longer needed a sleep apnea machine to sleep at night and of course my performance in the ring got better. I started enjoying working out. I could run 2 miles again. I hadn't ran for 8 years. I bought bands and used those during the day while watching tv. I realized that it wasn't a diet it was a life style. I have not only been sober for 1 year. But in 2 months and 15 days I have lost 69 lbs. Its not just a workout. Its not about how tough you are. Its not a video game to be beat on the hardest level. Its a lifestyle. Modifying when needed, engaging when needed. All of a sudden people are contacting me what am I doing, how am I doing. A network of health has formed. People are sharing their weight loss or jumping starting into weight loss. Its been an amazing progress.

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