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Traves Bezenar

My weight loss journey started back in April. I was already losing weight slowly due to a change in diet and a new more physically demanding job but I wasn’t really focusing on trying to better myself. That all changed when my wife decided she wanted to lose weight and get more fit. I would stand in the kitchen eating toaster strudels and chocolate milk while she busted her butt in the living room. After a few weeks of watching her put the effort in I figured the least I could do was try.

I took my DDPYoga DVD’s that I had purchased a few months before on a whim off the shelf and got started. Keeping in mind I was nearly 400lbs at this time, doing the workouts my wife was tackling (cardio and weightlifting) was out of the question, my heart and joints just couldn’t handle it. DDPYoga on the other hand was much easier on my knees and I could go as hard or as lightly as I thought my heart could handle. After following the beginner schedule to completion I was down enough weight to start incorporating more advanced cardio and weight based workouts into my schedule along with my DDPYoga routines.

A few more weeks passed by and before I knew it I was passed the intermediate schedule and starting the daunting task that is the “Advances Schedule”. It was hard to complete but worth it. The “Double Black Diamond” workout especially gave me some trouble at first but by the end of things I was able to do all the moves albeit some with slight modification. I even ended up repeating the last week several times over while I decided what the next step in my fitness journey would be.

DDPyoga wasn’t just my entry point to a better life, it saved my life. I was well on my way to an early grave and I don’t think I would have been able to reach the point I’m at now without DDPYoga to help me get started. My whole life had changed because of Diamond Dallas Page and his workout program and I’ll always be thankful to him for that. I’m the fittest and thinnest I’ve ever been and even though I don’t do DDPYoga everyday, I do still make it a regular part of my workout schedule. There’s still a bit of weight to lose before I reach my goal of 160lbs. But I know with time, proper diet and exercise, and a good amount of DDPYoga, that’ll I’ll reach it eventually.

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