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Robert Epley

I was always overweight, and then I lost my best friend a year ago. For 5 months I was in a bad way. I ate anything and everything. I didn't care about my health. Back in January, i was depressed with how I looked. I decided right then and there to change my life. So I committed myself to getting back on track. I was going to fix my body and my life. So I looked to my childhood hero, DDP, for help. I followed the program.  I stopped drinking carbonated drinks. I cut out sweets. I worked out 6 days a week. I drank sooo much water.  DDP helped me so much. He inspired me to never give up and keep pushing to get to my goal.

I'm 5'7 and my starting weight in January was 205 lbs. Four months later, with hard work and dedication, I'm now 164 pounds.  My current goal is 155 lbs and then to build lean muscle. It will come with hard work. I know my dreams will come true.

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