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Gary Joyce

I have a severely autistic son who I was basically housebound in caring for, and this caused me to binge eat and snack on unhealthy foods. I also didn't get out much and rarely exercised which culminated in me gaining weight. I didn't feel I had gained that much until the pics appeared on Facebook. This caused me to rethink my life and the fact that I was gaining weight. And the fact that my family already had a history of heart disease worried me.

I was also very depressed at this point due to being housebound and my long term relationship of 22 years was breaking down - which it eventually did. I then decided to turn my life around and discover myself again. DDP Yoga was a distraction at first, just to get into better shape. But, I started enjoying the focus it gave me. I started to feel happier within myself especially when I could see the results. I hadn't looked as good as this in years. I have lost around 50lbs in just under 6 months, which has helped me get into a place where I feel confident and comfortable enough to have my picture taken again. Even shopping for smaller clothes has raised a smile.

The stories I see on the site are inspiring and I hope that someone reading this can be inspired by the changes I have made or even how I have progressed as a person due to DDP Yoga. It really helped me through some dark times.

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