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Tatianna Hunt

I was sitting in my room in spring this year, with an injury from a dislocated knee... from a dance machine (if anyone doesn't know, this dance machine is called Dance Dance Revolution), and it had almost completely ruined my trip 7 months prior. After being on crutches and on short-term disability for around 2 months, I had gotten up to 280 pounds.

I have never been a "small-bodied" person. Just short. I figured that honestly, I'm always going to be heavy, and unattractive, so food was always good to me... until it wasn't. I could no longer button my jeans. Bending down to tie my shoe or walk even a short distance from my car to work winded me. Running up the stairs winded me. In summary, moving was an irritating and tiring experience. So I didn't. For years.

So when I was sitting in my room, with a back ache, both my knees in pain (the other for having to support all of my weight due to my injured knee), and a stomach ache. And I thought to myself: "I am 30 years old. There is NO REASON for me to feel like this." I sit around and watch so many fit men and women in WWE, why wasn't their influence rubbing off on me?

Then that day the Scott Hall documentary premiered, I remember him saying something along the lines of, "Get help. The sooner you treat the problem. The sooner you're gonna get well. Don't do what I did." And I teared up a little bit because that's what I was doing. And so I thought, "I can fix this." I had seen Jake the Snake and Arthur Boorman and so many others that had succeeded from the program years earlier, so I took the plunge. That evening I got my membership for the DDP YOGA Now App and started the very next day. I remember doing standing split and broken table and thinking, "am I going to be able to do this?" I laugh now because I can do SO MUCH MORE. I woke up the next day with way more flexibility and the least amount of pain I had been in for a very long time, and immediately started my next workout.

I no longer have nagging back pains, I absolutely have no further pain in any of my knees, and I've lost 34 pounds in 3 months! I workout at the very least once or twice a day for 6 days a week. I completely started cooking 90% of my food (calorie control, I still have "cheat moments"), drinking 100% more water, and I still get to eat well. I've learned how to cook so much during this period that my repertoire has expanded. I'm happier, more positive, feel better, sleep better, and I AM BETTER. 

I am a testament to being a person that has failed in everything weight loss related. If you don't believe anything else, please believe this program works. Thank you so much Diamond Dallas Page, you have made my made my life exponentially better!

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