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Veg out for Slamdance, then ditch the couch and Own Your Life.
If you love being part of the Slamdance community, you should check out DDPY. We're a community of thousands focused on supporting each other to live healthier. You've owned Slamdance this month now Own Your Life.

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DDPY is proud to sponsor the 2021 Slamdance Film Festival and the Slamdance UNSTOPPABLE program.

A fitness company sponsoring a film festival? That's weird, right? Not really. DDPY and Slamdance hooked up in 2015 when Diamond Dallas Page & Steve Yu visited Park City to launch; "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake" -- a film that inspired Slamdance festival-goers.

Since then, our relationship has only grown stronger. That makes sense, considering we share a mission focused on inspiring others to follow their passions in life and think beyond traditional limits.

If you want to watch one more amazing story this month, check out "Relentless" on Amazon Prime, and you'll see exactly what thinking beyond the traditional is all about.

Wondering what the heck those pre-movie DDPY shorts were all about?  Watch the full videos right here and set your mind at ease.