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PRESALE! DDP Yoga Rebuild DVD will ship Early December Max Pack + DDPY RebuildThis 42 workout bundle includes all the DDP Yoga favorites plus more!MAX PACK2.0 Disc 1-2 - includes

DDPY REBUILD is a unique program designed specifically for those 55 years and older and those who struggle with limited mobility. Through a progressive series of workouts, you’ll build strength, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and turn back the hands of time. If you’re ready to REBUILD YOUR LIFE, then DDPY Rebuild is the perfect fit.

You’ll be able to start without even getting out of bed. Through stretches and body-weight movements you’ll start to break up scar tissue and get moving again. Next, you’ll go through a series of seated chair workouts and finish with workouts that have you standing, but using a chair for support.

Bed Flex: A perfect starting point if you’re injured, have trouble sitting or standing upright, are recovering in bed or just haven’t been active for a long while. Each Bed Flex workout is intended to increase flexibility, loosen joints, and strengthen your core muscles to make sitting up easier. The goal is to regain mobility and become strong enough to progress to the Chair Force series.

Chair Force: A good starting point if you struggle with balance or have trouble standing for long periods of time. While staying seated in a chair, you will get your legs and upper body moving using stretches and Dynamic Resistance. You’ll be surprised how much you can get your blood pumping without getting up! When you feel strong enough, you can move on to the Stand Strong series.

Stand Strong: Once your body is strong enough to stand, you can graduate to Stand Strong. You will be focusing on your balance while standing, utilizing the chair for added stability. This series is based on the techniques used by disabled vet Arthur Boorman as he transitioned from canes and leg braces to walking and even running unassisted after years of being told it was impossible.

The DDPY MAX PACK + DDPY REBUILD is a great place to start. Being the foundation of the program, you will receive the DDPY Position Poster, DDPY Program Guide as well as DDPY 2.0 disc 1 and 2! If you're looking for our best value, make sure to check out the MAX PACK and MAX PACK + REBUILD.

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The future of fitness is here. By signing up for DDP YOGA NOW, you'll have access to a limitless library of new content including our brand new 2.0 workouts, our classic DDP YOGA workouts that have already changed countless lives, nutritional content including amazing gluten-free and dairy free recipes and cooking videos with DDP and our crew... there's almost too many things to list here! You'll also have the ability to track your progress, from your weight, measurements, blood pressure, blood sugar, and even your injuries/pain.