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I began at 248 lbs, was in horrible pain due to my rheumatoid arthritis, often dizzy from vertigo, got zero exercise, and could not make it to the second floor of my house without being out of breath. I began eating healthier, started exercising more and was fortunate enough to discover and add DDP YOGA to my routine. One year later, I'm 175 lbs (a loss of 73 lbs), my rheumatoid arthritis is under control, the dizziness is gone, I've competed in 10 races (two 10k, one 18k, and seven 5k), ran over half marathon distances, and do at least an hour of DDP YOGA everyday. I'm healthier and more fit than I have probably ever been in my life. DDP YOGA has been a driving force in my fitness. I'm extremely happy that I decided to make a change and stuck to it! BANG!!!


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