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Stephen Bell

Hi my name is Stephen Bell i met you at the Empire bar on march the 9th 2014 at the BANG! meet and greet. I was guy who lost 9stone (126 pounds) in 8 months thanks to you my friend!


Ive been overweight from around 10 years old ive struggled constantly with my weight for years, occasionally dieting and going to the gym but stopping after a while because i just wasnt into it. I hated the thought of people staring at me while trying to exercise.


My weight then was around 17 and a half stone (245 pounds) and i was 20 years old. My height is 5ft 10inches so ive never been my ideal weight i was always either abit overweight or obese. My heaviest weight was 20 stone (280 pounds) which is what i weighted last year when i started on july 1st.


So why i started your program, ive been a wrestling fan since around 1997 and i seen that people like Chris jericho and Goldust and Mick Foley were doing this thing DDP YOGA and it interested me. My only other idea was buying a treadmill (which i couldnt afford) and found out i was too heavy for most.... Anyway, i checked out what it was about and seen this disabled veteran video about a guy who weighted MORE than me was OLDER than me and couldn't even walk! The video hit me like a ton of bricks, i cried because it was so inspiring and so emotionally satisfing to see this guy go from not being able to walk, to being able to run down the road at the end!


So i went away and thought to myself hmmm if he can do it surely i can try right? So on the 12th of june I ordered pack one and said to myself i wanna do this! Im gonna do this! And when it arrived i couldnt wait to start it because i was always a fan of you, plus other wrestlers did it and i thought i could do the same workout DDP, Goldust and Y2J do? Fuck yeah! So i read the book cover to cover and was truly motivated and inspired by your story. So i followed the workout schedule and started it and loved it. When i started the only person who knew i was doing something about my life was my grandmother who i live with.


Ive never met my dad and my mums another story... But she was so happy that i was trying something because all i was doing was sitting in the house with little confidence and just eating and eating and eating. My weight especially ballooned up when i split up from my ex. So when i started the program i completely changed the way i eat food, i stopped getting takeaways which i was getting at least 4 days of the week, i stopped drinking coke a cola, sprite and fanta which was the only drinks i drunk, and i started drinking water, only water. Which is now the only thing i drink! Funny eh. Basically everything i use to eat i no longer eat (unless its a treat day which i have once or twice a month) i started having 2 or 3 organic eggs boiled every morning (btw organic eggs are so much nicer its not even funny lol) with a slice of gluten free bread, which i forgot to say i use to eat ALOT of white bread everyday so i changed to only allowing myself one slice a day of gluten free brown bread toasted which i had with my eggs.


I started to eat fresh chicken breast salads for my dinner and more healthier things like a baked potato, stir frys, turkey breasts and also took an interest into buffalo burgers because you mentioned them in the book. I found a place called Sawers in the middle of Belfast city centre which sold all sorts of exotic meats and condiments from all over the world, i found out that they sold 4 buffalo burgers for 14.99 so i bought them and OH MY GOD they are the best burgers ive ever had haha they are soo good i have one inbetween gluten free bread with lettuce chillies and onions and they are the bomb lol so i started buying them every month and took one once a week. I also started taking something i never use to eat EVER which is fruit and to cut a long story short some of my favourites now are strawberries kiwi watermelon pears rasberries red grapes and pineapples. So surprisingly i didnt struggle with only drinking water i actually adapted very well and my body felt better for it, the food wasnt too bad either i just had to make sure i had no shit or junk food around me because my only thing is tempation. If its not in the house il not going looking it, but if somebodies brought stuff into the house i.e friends or aunt. It was hard for me to resist, but i didnt stray at all really i kept myself so focused on sticking to your program i didnt have any takeaways for 3 months! That was unheard of for me i was so proud of myself and it just spured me on even more. I started weighting myself more because i never weighted myself at all hardly because i didnt like the number that was staring back at me. But i weighted myself on july 1st and i was 20 stone on the button so i said to myself right il not weigh myself again for a few weeks. The reason i didnt keep a record or even join TeamDDPYOGA was the same reason nobody else knew about me doing it. Pressure. I didnt want to put any unwanted pressure on myself, i didnt want to fail and have everybody go yeah i knew he wouldnt of stuck to it. So anyway i weighted myself after a good few weeks and seen i had dropped over a stone! And i was shocked because i never had imagined i would be able to do this, so as you can imagine that spured me on even more and i kept eating right and following the workout schedule. And fast forward 8 months later, im now 23 years old and weight just over 11 stone. I have went from a size 42 inch waist to a 34 inch waist ( i can fit into a 32 but prefer the comfort of a 34 lol) i have also went from a size xxxl to a size medium/ large (depends what shop) .


Not only have i lost alot of fat i have gained so much muscle. My shoulders my biceps my triceps my quads, hell my calves are almost made of steel thanks to the workouts haha all thanks to you Dallas for creating the best workout on the planet. I forgot to mention i recently purchased pack 2 about a month ago and have been loving doing different workouts loving stand up and strength builder but cmon man double black diamond has gotta be a rib haha its a mother has you say lol last thing is i will also enclose some pictures of me today showing what i look like now and what i can do and me in my old clothes lol. I lastly wanna say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you in the empire and was so grateful that you gave me your email address so i can share my story with you. You and arthur are an inspiration to me and without you i would prob still be obese. I hope you read this and let me know your thoughts off my story. Ive never said any of this to anyone before but if it wasnt for you........ Hell id probably be the same weight or heavier!

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