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Joshua McAdoo

My DDP YOGA adventure started out like many others. Sitting feeling sorry for myself overindulging on food to help deal with struggles of life. It's easier to complain or knock down others who are being successful because you do not have to lift a finger to do that.  I was turning 30 in February of 2013.  I'd come to find out the hard work that I was so afraid of doing was going to be a life changer but at this point I still wasn't ready to change.


I had heard about YrG years ago from an old WCW magazine but hadn't heard anything about it being called DDP YOGA now.   My brother was the one that got the program first and immediately started hounding me about coming to do "" yoga".  I mean the guy wouldn't leave me alone about it so eventually I had to give this "yoga "a shot.


And like everyone that is involved with this program or have heard about this program all said one thing, it was the Arthur video the caught them by surprise as they watched this man go from walking with a canes To turning his life around.  His drive and never give up attitude made me say to myself "if this guy can do it then I have no excuses".


I was driven and drawn to this new life style and started seeing as well as feeling the results.  I was being more positive, feeling stronger, and my mind was open to so much now. I found strength and guidance from Team DDP YOGA.  Most of all I was inspired by the man himself, Dallas Page.  Dallas gave me a few phone calls and emails which was amazing to me.  I guess I did something right.  Where my adventure would take me next was something a year before I would have ever thought I could do. Dallas asked me what I thought about going to get certified to teach others DDP YOGA since I was already doing it at work with the kids I work with.


Wow so here I am now going strong 9 months later working towards my certification, teaching others at work, working with sports teams, and making new friends through Team DDP YOGA as well as Facebook.  It's amazing how far I've come all because Dallas believed on me and like he tells everyone that he has time for those who put the work in.


I went from a year ago drop about 15 pounds before DDP YOGA to dropping another 47 pounds after starting the program.  Yeah that's great but what I love the most is the person I've become now.  I  am proud to say that I did this and it wasn't easy.  With hard work and some hard times I made it here.  What can you do? I'll tell you it starts with retraining your brain to be open to the change.


Josh " The Ass Kickin' Alaskan" McAdoo


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