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I grew up watching wrestling, I'm 37, so was around in DDPs prime and saw his vids and Chris Jericho's testimony and thought it sounded perfect for me.  I got the DVDs almost 2 years ago now i guess and did them off and on and could tell it was good and it was great on my joints.. However, i also went through a divorce around the same time and wasn't taking care of myself properly, drinking and eating however i wanted...I was very intermittent with exercise until around the beginning of this year i decided to cut the crap out and eat right and really do this thing and i tell ya the weight has just fallen off of me.. Amazing.  Best shape of my life, no question. 

I usually do DDP Yoga 5-6 times a week..I also do bodyweight exercises and my own ab routine and I'm in the best shape of my life. My joints don't hurt. I can handle my bodyweight better than ever.. I feel like my body has balanced it's symmetry out better than lifting ever did.. I love it! Will continue it..I actually have the old YRG videos and am about to sell those to a friend to get the updated DDPYoga ones. I've had several friends order your program based on what it's done for me. 
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