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I'd like to share my story with you regarding DDP YOGA and the way that it has quite literally saved my life and restored me to health.


In 2009 I suffered a life changing injury at the gym.  I attempted to bench press far too much weight at the gym and was crooked on the bench.  As I hoisted it up I felt a pinch in my back and what I thought at the gym was a muscle pull was in fact my crushing a disc.  The next morning I woke up unable to move the lower part of my body.  Over several days I was able to walk, but with limitation -- there was tremendous pain and numbness down my left leg.  My condition as it turned out was a crushed disc in my L4-L5 lumbar spine that was bringing bone on bone contact and badly pinching a nerve. I sought a wide variety of treatments:  massage, spinal injections, electric stimulation, chiropractic, out patient... nothing worked -- medical bills were mounting and my condition was worsening not getting any better.  The pressure placed on my back was so intense that my posture was contorting.  I was bent forward on myself and the curve in my spine was reversed.  In my mid 20's I looked more like someone in my mid 80's.  I was humiliated to take my shirt off and look at myself slumped over. 


Over months I consulted second and third opinions from doctors for treatment options and in fact I was told by a premiere spine surgeon that I sought out that without back surgery there was no question I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life as my condition continued to digress along.  I was absolutely terrified; here I am a young guy, newly married to a beautiful wife, active my whole life and now told that my future was either dangerous surgery or a wheel chair.  I got depressed and without the ability to be active I sat around and ate and became miserable.   


At this point I came across DDP YOGA and started doing my research.  I saw photos on your website and heard about success stories and figured I'd give it a try -- couldn't hurt at this point with my options quickly dwindling down toward only surgery or a wheelchair.  At my wife's request I even took a picture of myself the day before I started with the program and weighed in at 205 lbs -- my heaviest I'd ever been in my life.  


Over the next three months I would stick to the DDP program schedule and push myself.  I would fall, ache, and sweat like never before... but then I got back up, stretched out, and dried myself off.  I'm proud to say that in those three months I've had a LIFE CHANGING experience.  The numbness in my leg subsided..... my posture improved and I stood tall for the first time in 4 years... I looked at myself in the mirror with pride instead of disgust.... The pain in my low back diminished.... and in total over three months I had lost FORTY POUNDS.  I now weighed in at 165 pounds, something I hadn't weighed since well before my injury.  


I have since returned to my doctor for a follow up appointment and was marveled as a medical miracle.   My doctor cannot fathom how on earth someone with my extensive injury has recooperated so well.  I no longer require surgery..... my pain level has drastically reduced.... I'm not dependent on pain medication.... This is all due to DDP YOGA. 


I've included three photos on this email -- one before DDP YOGA, one after three months of DDP YOGA and my personal favorite, the one of Page and I from WWE Fan Axxess this year.


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