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Daniel Garcia

My DDP YOGA story starts with a long history of battling weight problems and other medical conditions. I was in danger of becoming a type 2 diabetic and was put on medication for that. I have been battling gouty arthritis for years and have to take medication to control my high blood pressure. Over the years my weight has fluctuated greatly, but over the past few years I was between 270 and 290lbs. 2x-3x shirts and 42/44 pants. In 2011, to make matters worst I fell into a pretty bad depression but thankfully my doctor started to treat me for low testosterone. When, I came out of my depression thanks to the testosterone treatments I realized I needed to become more active and I wanted to lose weight. But I could not exercise.


Like I said, I have been battling gout for years. Many years went by before I even started treatment for the gout. I was really out of shape and my joints hurt (my knees still hurt a little but over a year and half later, I am getting to the point where I can do the lunging diamond cutters). So much so that I was afraid to sit on the ground because there would have been no way for me to get back up on my own. About the time that all of this was going on in my life I stumbled across Arthur's story. I'm not sure where I saw it first but I saw it twice, including your appearance on Fox and Friends (I believe it was). I thought  to myself, that is me!

I felt inside like Arthur looked and felt. I did not have to walk with crutches every day, but I had a cane and often had to use it because of my gout. I knew that if it worked for Arthur, I had to try it. I bought the beginner pack at the beginning of 2013, intermediate at the end of 2013 and I do a DDP YOGA routine at least 3x a week without fail. At the end of 2013 I was in good enough shape that I was able to join a gym, and I go 1x a week to do some light cardio, jogging, walking or some light weights. Something I was unable to do before DDP YOGA. I am currently 45 years old. I can say that I am in better shape now then any point in the last 20 years. I feel stronger and look stronger. My last checkup was great. The doctor said to keep it up the good work. Again thank you Dallas, your program gave me back an active life.

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