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Hey my name is Roger

I like to think I am the average dude just floating through life, just a lot more crazy. For many many many years I used to tell my friends I was going to get into shape.... I was in denial how bad of shape I was in. It never happened, or i would lift weights for awhile or run but never stick with it. I would always gain the weight back that I lost. I never really followed through with a thing in my life. I've been a wrestling fan for MANY MANY MANY years. Ever since I was young. I even remember a time that I gave someone the diamond cutter during a high school wrestling practice. BANG! I first heard about DDP YOGA then YRG on a podcast called Tha Oshow(RIP) years ago.  He was on the podcast a few times promoting it. I would always laugh and think to myself of yoga, I ain't doing that crap! That's for girls!  I was the exact person DDP said he was before he created this monster

Years later my dad had a horrible stroke. I was the one that found him in his apartment if it wasn't for me he wouldn't be alive. During the time he was in the hospital I had probably 4 slices of pizza every single day. It was great pizza but I shot up from 200 pounds to 248. I was at the point that I wanted to give up and lay in some hole somewhere. I was extremely depressed. Didn`t think I was good enough to be around anyone. Shut myself off from the world. It`s the lowest I`ve ever been. One day I heard Jake Roberts talk on that same podcast Tha Oshow talking about his journey he said something that stuck with me. `` If I can do this what the f is your excuse`` The next morning I woke up and threw something across my room and said screw this I can't live like this mess anyway then that day I got DDP YOGA off "the blackmarket" The first two months I worked very very hard and lost about 30 pounds. I then made a goal to be 170. 

Fast forward a year I am now beyond my goal sitting comfortably at 164 and actually owning the program.. The Dallas deserves every cent he gets from this program. Working towards a couple new goals.  Crazy goals because nothing is impossible. Possible is right in the word. I am now able to do things I've never been able to do because of a problem I've had my whole life. My balance is the best it's ever been. I am able to do headstands and black crows. I eat foods that I never in my wildest dreams would imagine me eating. Hell I never thought I'd stick with a "yoga" program for this long but this ain't your momma's yoga. This is the first thing I've followed through on in my life and it feels great. 

If I could give any new members advice it would be don't be frustrated when you don't  lose weight as quickly as you feel you should, Rome wasn't built in a day. It's not a sprint it's a marathon. A marathon, that never ends. I know I'll never be finished. Also be active in the community there's SO many amazing people and stories it's actually mind blowing. Last always listen to DDP. Dude is yoda, he's always right. He told me to take my 6 pictures and never did them and now I regret it. 

I'll end with a quote, in the words of the mighty James Hetfield 
"I choose to live not just exist"

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